Sunday, September 16, 2012

Moving on...

The only way I can describe it.

Its time.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Life Happens

The summer was long, and full of a lot of different things going on, and never enough time to do it all.

But Im back :) I probably wont do any fill in on the summers events. Some would be fun to share, others are personal and Im just not ready for that yet ;)

However I plan to make it a point to post daily again... so jump back on the stalker train for another ride around the sun with me and my crazy life.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The 3 Week Plan

That's what Im calling it.

We are starting new habits. We have 3 weeks to make it work. It starts tonight.

1) Bedtime for all the littles is at 9pm.  I tend to always have at least 1 child up at 11pm, 1am etc...

2) All meals/snacks will be eaten at the dining room table or outdoors. We are often rushing to get things done, and the kids will sit in the living room, on the floor in my office etc and eat. Im tired of steam cleaning carpets. Im tired of vacuuming 3 times a day. Im tired of sweeping up crumb paths. Im tired of people taking off with a bag of chips and me finding it 3 hours later, showering my carpet.

3) Dresser reassignment/closet cleanup! We will get clothing put in dressers/closets and no more rubbermade tubs in the laundry room.

4) Im going to exercise the orneriness out of these kids LOL that means bike rides, swimming lessons, and running around the house doing chores.

Ill keep ya posted on my progress.

Oh and I only have 3 wks because that is how long my biggest offender is going to be gone! The 33 yr old offender!

Busy Busy Busy

Mr Digger leaves tomorrow for a month, and things should slow down (I hope!)

Been working on a few things (about 25 of them) for different people... sibling shirts, birthday sets, and more ball shirts. Working my regular job and chasing kids as well.

Life never slows down right? :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Fun contest, easy entries, some can be done daily :)

come check it out!!!


When Mr Digger's career in the Marine Corps ended, we made the decision to come back to his hometown. I grew up a bit of a nomad, and actually enjoy moving every year, even if its just to a different house.

Coming here was a big changed, and a huge leap of faith for me. Ive never put much stock in my "family" because I felt alone most of my teen years and adult life. I rely on me. When I cant rely on me, my world falls apart. Luckily its very rare for my world to fall to pieces.

So we moved here... almost 10 years ago. We bought our home 7 years ago.  Mr Diggers family, was held together by the strong glue of his papaw. 3 years ago, papaw lost his second battle with cancer, and the family, well the family kind of fell apart.

Its rare when we see his parents, even more rare when he would go to his nana's house, simply because he was so close to his papaw and the feelings were just too raw.  His brother who lives here locally, returns calls when he wants/needs something. I think it has been going on a year since he saw his brother. 

We had plans to move further south this summer. A job opportunity came about though, that will keep us here for awhile longer.

Today we went to his nana's for a family BBQ. It wasnt the worst experience, but it wasnt the greatest either. 

If I could choose my family, it would have to be all friends. Other than blood, there is just no common ground. Our friends certainly care more than our family does. Our friends know what goes on in our lives, and they know when one of us just needs a pick me up phone call.

I hope there never comes a day when my own children feel the same way about family. Let us raise them to find value in each other, and in us. Thats all I ask.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Today's To-Do list

Okay really yesterdays, but Im up late... worked late, and finished up a couple projects.

We went riding this morning, Freddy's first real ride. She did great, loved it, gave out lots of kisses the entire time we were out riding, and eventually crashed, as family tradition dictates.

Completed projects :)