Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Sunday in the South

Didnt quite make it out of bed in time to make it to mass today. Ill go Wednesday night to make up for it. I spent my morning  doing all the laundry, which should mean I wont do ANY laundry during the week, well one can hope anyhow! The we loaded up the jeep and went over to the house Tiger is going to be moving into. They were in the process of pulling up the old carpet and padding. Im hoping to get the chance to sand and refinish what was possibly at one time some beautiful hardwood floors. A few pics of the place ;)

We stopped at the IGA and got some chicken, I made fried chicken, biscuits (from a can LOL) and french fries for the family for supper.  My secret 4 herbs and spices lol

Adventures in Murfreesboro Tennessee and other stuff

Missed my Saturday post. Was just entirely too tired to post it last night, so you will get a double dose today.

We got up super early (well it was super early for me) lol and loaded up and headed down south of Nashville for the day. I spent the better part of the morning with my friend Lisa at her donut shop.  The we headed out to a place in south Rutherford county where an old mill stands.

Old stone grinding wheel, its still in use by the owners of the mill.
Old corn shucker... Wouldnt have known what this was, except I watch Pawn Stars LOL!

Coke jug, the owner of the mill said it is from the early 1920's

Wooden auger screw. Feed mills use huge metal ones now.

 Lots of old memorabilia in the old ice house at the mill, old functioning gas pump.

 Then it was off to Kirkenburts. OMG Kirkenburts. The best of the best in Rutherford county when it comes to BBQ.Check out Kirkenburt's here!

 Then back to the Wyatt's household to work on some more small engines. Check out that brain bucket!

 Then it was time to say good bye. Loaded up my new buggy, check her out! Blue Hammerhead 250 SS aint she a beauty?

 Bringing her into our buggy barn... to sit with the others until our next ride in March.

 There they are, 6 buggies and a motorcycle
lil dude and My hammerhead 250SS
lil dude, and Piggles' Yerfdog 150

lil dude's buggy
Everyone else was taking pictures with their cell phones, so lil dude whips his out too! Before anyone says OH EM GEE why does that 5 yr old have a cell phone... its non working. It takes pictures, it stays charged, but it is not connected to our plan or any other plan for that matter ;)

and that was our day Saturday.... up next, SUNDAY!