Friday, January 28, 2011

ingredients bought and other stuff today

Had court this morning, it went and it was interesting I guess. I will be getting my $200 for my windshield beyond that the justice system in our county is lacking. Seriously.  One would think that if someone had a 1 year probated sentence and got caught committing an offense, that gave them an additional 60 days they would have to serve the entire time, right? Well apparently if you are old, and act crazy, and shake like a fool (she does not have parkinson's I am not making fun of someone who does have a disease or illness) you can continue to commit crimes, threaten to kill people and all you have to do is pay for the property damage. You dont serve more than a few days at a time in jail. At least not in this county.

So Tiger is moving out, she found a place today, her wackaloony momma can have both houses. She's done. This is a good thing though actually, because now every time someone comes to her house, her mom wont be there trying to run them off.

After court I went and logged 13 miles on the cycle at the gym... then headed to walmart for protein foods. More later..... off to eat chinese!

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