Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Feeling a bit domesticated tonight

So I broke out the recipe books....and settled on the Hershey's cookbook. The boys decided double chocolate chip cookies sounded like the right thing to cook tonight. So to the kitchen I went...  pulling out ingredients, mixing and stirring....

My help wandered out of the kitchen... to play wii fit plus. Some help he was!

First batch... they smell heavenly. However they are NOT on my low carb high protein diet *mumbles* smelling is all I can do.

The cookie eater is ready to eat! Taking the plate in to see diggity dog, and share a glass of milk :)

No clue what we will do for entertainment tomorrow. School has already been canceled for a snow day again.


  1. Those look good. Tell me how you resisted..I would have eaten half the batter and at least a few cookies. That is why I try not to buy and bake that kind of stuff!

  2. Sheer willpower. I started a low carb high protein diet late February last year. I lost 80 lbs total, then gained about 12 overall back... damn holidays! But Im staying with it again, and plan to get down just a little more. Enough to wear a bikini this summer :)

  3. yummm. Let me know what cool ideas you have for snow days. I'm sure Ella will be out tomorrow too.