Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Fun contest, easy entries, some can be done daily :)

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When Mr Digger's career in the Marine Corps ended, we made the decision to come back to his hometown. I grew up a bit of a nomad, and actually enjoy moving every year, even if its just to a different house.

Coming here was a big changed, and a huge leap of faith for me. Ive never put much stock in my "family" because I felt alone most of my teen years and adult life. I rely on me. When I cant rely on me, my world falls apart. Luckily its very rare for my world to fall to pieces.

So we moved here... almost 10 years ago. We bought our home 7 years ago.  Mr Diggers family, was held together by the strong glue of his papaw. 3 years ago, papaw lost his second battle with cancer, and the family, well the family kind of fell apart.

Its rare when we see his parents, even more rare when he would go to his nana's house, simply because he was so close to his papaw and the feelings were just too raw.  His brother who lives here locally, returns calls when he wants/needs something. I think it has been going on a year since he saw his brother. 

We had plans to move further south this summer. A job opportunity came about though, that will keep us here for awhile longer.

Today we went to his nana's for a family BBQ. It wasnt the worst experience, but it wasnt the greatest either. 

If I could choose my family, it would have to be all friends. Other than blood, there is just no common ground. Our friends certainly care more than our family does. Our friends know what goes on in our lives, and they know when one of us just needs a pick me up phone call.

I hope there never comes a day when my own children feel the same way about family. Let us raise them to find value in each other, and in us. Thats all I ask.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Today's To-Do list

Okay really yesterdays, but Im up late... worked late, and finished up a couple projects.

We went riding this morning, Freddy's first real ride. She did great, loved it, gave out lots of kisses the entire time we were out riding, and eventually crashed, as family tradition dictates.

Completed projects :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Birthday Onesie :)

Working on a birthday outfit tonight... onesie is complete :)

Made a onesie for baby Willie as well :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Perfect Weather

for an afternoon in the pool.

The weather today has been absolutely wonderful. The pool water has warmed up to 82 degrees, the outside temp was 95 today.  So after some running around, errands, bill paying etc, the kids and I came home and jumped in the pool for the afternoon.

Overall I think we spent about 3 hours out there, but it was nice and peaceful :)

  10am this morning :)

Mr Digger and lil' sprout in the pool.

Thinking about whether she likes it or not....

Hangin' out

Can swim without them now, chooses not to :/

Helping the little around the pool :)

The Big Bad Tee-Ball Player

Just to preface this post---- I know I shouldn't laugh. Yes, I know this, and I laugh anyway.

Thursday Devil Child had a tee-ball game. She is really good at going after the ball now. Maybe too good. One little kiddo hit the ball during the second inning, and Devil Child made a bee-line for the ball. It was rolling down the baseline and she was going to get that ball come hell or high water. Never mind the fact that the poor little kid who hit the ball was also rolling right on down the baseline headed to 1st.

All 35lbs of Devil Child plowed into the batter of said ball, knocking him on his hiney. As always I was there taking pictures of the game and caught the action.

Yes, Im still laughing.

 Little boy at bat----

 He swings and apparently hits it-----

 See the offensive ball rolling down the baseline?

 BOOM! Out of nowhere a 35lb rocket of steel, knocks him over (he looks petrified)

 He complained that his butt hurt.... here he is doing what he did best most of the game. Dirt play.

 Throwing the ball to 1st----

Watching the 1st baseman fumble with the ball....

Gift for Teacher

The end of the year comes, and I, like most parents struggled to think of the perfect, not over given, unique gift for a wonderful teacher.

I thought about it, probably for too long, then decided my best route was handmade.

I started with a red canvas bookbag, of the generic variety. I then put a cute little raccoon on it (the school's mascot is a raccoon, the "Ranger") Added the name of the school, and the teacher and there ya have it, perfect gift.

So perfect that when I had to go out of town the day before the last day of school... no one at home remembered to take it to the teacher :(

I sent her a message, we will meet up with her sometime this summer so she can get her gift... in the meantime, pictures!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Popcorn Button

Some parents dont let their kids do things around the kitchen. I on the other hand love cooking, baking etc with the kids.

If it can be stirred, scooped, patted, cut into shapes, cooked or baked I say have at it.  I let lil dude start zapping his hotdogs last year. He completely destroyed my microwave with tinfoil on a left over container from a restaurant. Complete with flames shooting out of the microwave.

My in-laws got us a new one back in November. Early Christmas gift. Now lil dude and devil child use the microwave.

I hear from the kitchen----- "NO! you cant use that button to cook your hotdog, you have to use the melt and the 1" (thats 30 seconds people 1 for butter ;) )

Devil child says "NO YOU DONT! You have to use the WARM and 2... my hotdog has a BUN!"

Back and forth back and forth. I hear the microwave ding. Hotdog *with bun* is removed.  Then I hear "This one is easy, its only 1 button, see that POCK-CORN"

It smells heavenly  :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Every Project

Leads to an extended version of the project.

I decided my sewing room/ office needed more shelves. I decided this because I have rubbermaid and sterilite totes stacked all over my bedroom and sewing room /office full of fabric, and other items needed for crafts and sewing.

A couple years back I built 2 shelves on one wall of the room. The time had come for more shelves. I chose the wall connecting to the shelving that already exists. My first thought was to build them over the table I use for my crafting/work. However my measuring was a bit off LOL okay it was quite a bit off, and my 24 inch shelves stick out to far over the table, leaving me with about 12 inches of table space usable. I will be moving the table, but that is a project for tomorrow, or next week... maybe even next month.

The room does look a bit better, but the simple weekend project now has an extended version complete with a paint job, not only for the shelves, but for the walls too!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Perfect Play Weather

We love the fall, cool nights, bonfires, trips to the pumpkin patch and the annual local festivals. We love winter, snow, holidays, breakfast in bed, and hot cocoa with every meal. Spring is great, the weather starts to warm up, we plant and plan our flower beds, garden and outdoor projects in anticipation of wonderful weather.

But as summer approaches, I have to say, I believe it is probably my favorite time of year. Today after a lot of rain last week, the ground was dry. The weather was nice and warm, and we were able to go outside and play. Bikes, hula hoops, rolling around in the grass... and the brave young souls in the house even took a swim!

Make One

It leads to many!

I made the one bathrobe for my friend's son Frej. That led to another one... for another friend's son Donavyn... which led to 4 more orders WOOT!

Plus a few pillow case dresses ;)