Sunday, May 6, 2012

AT&T has made the crap list once again....

My contract can not expire soon enough. I would sooner walk on hot coals than stay with AT&T at this point. I believe, Im going to follow the path of my mother, and go to straight talk. I can order a SIM card for a whopping $15 and use my AT&T phone with them. For 5 phones, I can pay $250 a month, instead of $400-600 depending on whatever whim AT&T is on for adding charges hoping they wont be noticed.

Let me start by saying they were on my ok list 2 wks ago. 2 weeks ago when I looked up my bill online so I could go buy a money order to pay the bill. 2 wks ago when I discovered $440 in charges on one phone. 2 wks ago, when they credited me for all the app downloads and blocked future downloads on that line.

At first, I assumed my son had downloaded all these apps. But when asked, he said he had not downloaded anything except when he had asked. He is really good at asking before downloading anything. I believe him. So I called AT&T, explained the situation, *for the record I believe my ex husband probably did the downloading, its just something he would do*  AT&T gave me a full credit, and blocked any future downloads.

So I took the remaining balance for the bill, went and bought a money gram money order, and proceeded to the AT&T store. The employee called in my money order? What?? then handed it back and said they no longer keep checks or money orders its all electronic. This didnt sit right, but I got a confirmation text that my bill was paid. That was April 24.

Fast forward to April 30. I get a phone call from AT&T about my bill? What? It seems the money order didnt go through. The customer service rep was nice, she took the information off the money order again, and entered it. I got a confirmation text, and she assured me that my payment was made, and the $5 fee to make a payment with a person was waived, as well as the late fee. Well I should hope so.

Fast forward once again to yesterday... May 5th. I get up in the morning and attempt to use my phone. It doesnt work? WHAT? What do you mean my service has been temporarily disconnected? WHAT IN THE HECK?!?!?!?!

I call AT&T. The money order didnt process. The customer service rep was a straight up bitch.  Im talking snide, condescending, straight up horrible person.  She tried to tell me it was my responsibility to ensure my payment is made in a timely manner. When I asked her to please read the NOTES on my acct about my payment IN PERSON on April 24, and with an rep over the phone on April 30, she got smart, and told me maybe I should use another form of payment. Its a money order? Its proof I paid my bill. OMGEEZ.

My only option is to go cash the money order and pay with cash at the kiosk at an AT&T store. Umm really? I cant cash the money order its made out to AT&T?! She laughed, and told me that was my problem. What in the world?

I went to an AT&T store, the one on N Lebanon Pike in Madison to be exact. There I was told that yes they would take my money order. When they went to log into my acct, they asked for 2 forms of picture ID. 2 what? I had my drivers license, and I had my student ID. Student ID is not a valid form of photo identification.

Ok. What is a second form of valid photo ID for someone who is not say Military or a dependent? I had my SS card with me, as well as my drivers license, my student ID, and a handful of credit/debit cards.  They would not take a payment without 2 forms of PHOTO ID. I can understand, totally if I wanted to say, upgrade a phone. Or if I wanted to make changes to the plan, producing everything I own to do so, but I just wanted to give them MONEY. My money, to pay the bill that I tried to pay twice before.

I wound up paying cash at the kiosk, and I have a money order for $250 that I guess I save until next month's bill is due, and mail it in.

I was told the lines would be working in 5-10 minutes. I went about running errands and an hour later still no service. So I "place" a call just so it will direct me to their automated system that demands a payment. I get a customer service rep, who informs me I will be charged a $40 fee for re-connection. That poor girl didnt know what hit her, I told her I didnt have time for this crap. I would deal with someone else later on the $40 fee that I would NOT be paying, and to just turn my fucking phone on NOW.  She turned it on, lickety split and waived the fee for me before she let me go.  I did apologize, I felt bad, it wasnt her fault she was doing her job the way she was trained to do it... it just sucks that there are so many idiots working for that company.

So thats my rant, avoid AT&T people. They suck, customer service sucks, their store locations suck.

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  1. Holy Shit! What a complete pain in the ass. I would get rid of them too. That is just ridiculous