Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Big Bad Tee-Ball Player

Just to preface this post---- I know I shouldn't laugh. Yes, I know this, and I laugh anyway.

Thursday Devil Child had a tee-ball game. She is really good at going after the ball now. Maybe too good. One little kiddo hit the ball during the second inning, and Devil Child made a bee-line for the ball. It was rolling down the baseline and she was going to get that ball come hell or high water. Never mind the fact that the poor little kid who hit the ball was also rolling right on down the baseline headed to 1st.

All 35lbs of Devil Child plowed into the batter of said ball, knocking him on his hiney. As always I was there taking pictures of the game and caught the action.

Yes, Im still laughing.

 Little boy at bat----

 He swings and apparently hits it-----

 See the offensive ball rolling down the baseline?

 BOOM! Out of nowhere a 35lb rocket of steel, knocks him over (he looks petrified)

 He complained that his butt hurt.... here he is doing what he did best most of the game. Dirt play.

 Throwing the ball to 1st----

Watching the 1st baseman fumble with the ball....

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