Sunday, May 20, 2012

Every Project

Leads to an extended version of the project.

I decided my sewing room/ office needed more shelves. I decided this because I have rubbermaid and sterilite totes stacked all over my bedroom and sewing room /office full of fabric, and other items needed for crafts and sewing.

A couple years back I built 2 shelves on one wall of the room. The time had come for more shelves. I chose the wall connecting to the shelving that already exists. My first thought was to build them over the table I use for my crafting/work. However my measuring was a bit off LOL okay it was quite a bit off, and my 24 inch shelves stick out to far over the table, leaving me with about 12 inches of table space usable. I will be moving the table, but that is a project for tomorrow, or next week... maybe even next month.

The room does look a bit better, but the simple weekend project now has an extended version complete with a paint job, not only for the shelves, but for the walls too!

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