Saturday, May 5, 2012

Update on Rain's missing child, and while you are at it, share these other missing children.

Anyah was returned home on Monday the 30th, safe.

Of course for every missing person found, many more aren't currently missing from East TN--- Joann Bain and her 3 little girls

and little Mercy McKay--- missing since April 23

From her momma Hannah Nilson----
Hey, can everyone please be on the lookout for my baby girl....she was taken by her father from our home in augusta maine while i was working today and is currently being transported to Missouri in a dark green ford f250 pickup truck. Missouri liscence plate number 07A-8BF. Multiple attempts at contact have been made with no result, so please just get the word out! I would give anything to have my baby girl back in my arms!

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