Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weekend Fun

The 4th of July weekend (starting on July 2nd) was a lot of fun. Jessica came up from Florida, Michelle came down from Ft Knox and we spend the majority of the weekend in the pool. Friday night Michelle and I ventured down to Broadway, so she could see what the night life in Nashville is like.  It was a sucky night to go down there, bridal shower at Uglies, so no dancing on the bar, the music was anything but country, so another disappointment there as well. Wish we could have crammed into Tootsie's for some decent country, but it wasnt meant to be. Private party had the Wild Horse shut down by midnight. Bah humbug!

They fell in love and plan to marry LOL  Im cool with that!

Fireworks, birthday boy and more...coming soon!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In Search Of....

A good tasting protein bar. I found these while browsing Amazon's list of items you can subscribe and save to. Just wondering if there are any reviews of them among my few readers? Im searching for something with 15-20 grams of protein per serving, but unlike the majority of the protein bars out there, I need something that has very low carbs (prefer less than 5 but has to be less than 10) Anyhow. This is a good price, with the amazon subscribe option it makes them about a buck a piece and free shipping with amazon prime! Can't beat that!

The Great Chicken Massacre of 2011

It was a cold and stormy night.

Okay maybe it wasnt! Actually it was a very warm day, we were all playing in the pool, when 2 flashes of brown fur ripped through the yard.

One was Toby, who had never harmed another animal before. The other was Sam, who is kept penned by the neighbor probably for this exact reason.

I lost 6 of my most beautiful chickens, I have a a lame chicken, and a duck that is MIA (aka couldnt find a carcass)

So this means I am down to 18 chickens (only one is old enough to lay she is from last years batch) and 1 duck. I plan to place an order the end of the month from Ideal Poultry to replenish the coop. 

The Kids Events and award night

Have a little bit of down time this morning, so I tell all about the kids events from the bash. We had the normal entries in the drag races, but also did an obstacle course with the kiddos. It was wet and wild and tons of fun. I believe we had a total of 38 kids this year (4 of them being ones I brought)

First place in the 250 CC drag race, Mr Digger woot woot!

Best In Show, This is Gary (digger's boss) and Mr Digger.. they built Gary's buggy from the ground up, its a real work of art, and they did a damn good job. Obviously the rest of the buggy community thought so as well :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Buggy Bash 2011

We left early Thursday morning the 23rd of June for St Joe State Park in Park Hills Missouri. Its a 263 mile drive from our house. First we met up with our friends from Orlando, just outside Eddyville Kentucky at our usual meeting spot, right next to the McDonald's  where there is ample parking space!

Apparently the drive is a harrowing experience LOL

We arrived before noon, and set up the tents in record time. Let the fun begin!

The youngest rider this bash, Mason, my friend Kristine's 19 month old son :) He isnt real fond of the helmet. He would wear it as long as the buggy was moving but as soon as they stopped he thought it should come off immediately LOL

Lots of wildlife all around :) Deer, birds, fish etc

 We had numerous events and raffle prizes. Our camp took home a trophy in the drag races, as well as some ribbons for the kids from the kids events... pictures of the harescramble


Umm oops!

More to come... I promise!