Saturday, April 30, 2011

New (to me) vehicle shopping

Is a royal pain.  What I want and what I can find are two totally separate monsters. So we found a used Chevrolet Tahoe. Its nice, all the bells and whistles and what not... and we are toying with buying it. However I cant seem to find anyone I know personally who owns one. I can read reviews all day online, but its still not "personal" enough for me.

So any personal thoughts or reviews would be welcomed :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Seems like Im always playing catch up....

Back in March while doing some mystery shops, I saw some pretty yellow and white dresses in a store. I looked at them a few times, before biting the bullet and buying 4 of them. Not really anticipating baby Freddy arriving before Easter, but more like thinking about doing family pictures sometime this spring.  I then searched high and low for yellow shirts for the boys. I had limited success on that one, but eventually found an awesome shirt at Goodwill for 99 cents, an Old Navy shirt with tags still attached! Score!!! So the outfits were assembled a few weeks ago, with the thoughts of spring pictures in May, they worked out as Easter outfits instead.

We spent Easter in Gatlinburg, and the Easter bunny obviously got a bit confused as to where to deliver baskets. We we arrived back home, the baskets were here. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nothing beats having good friends

Throughout the years both Digger and I have met quite a few people online, that have turned out to be great friends. Of course then there are those who turn out to be psycho, but this particular post isn't about the psycho ones.

One of the sites Digger is on often, and I slip in and out the back door of, is a group of buggy people. Buggy as in dune buggy LOL

Anyhow, there are times that we randomly get gifts for one kid or another from people we have met through the buggy site. 2 days ago, the mail man came, and in the mail was a bib for baby Freddy. Just a nice, sweet gesture, that is very much appreciated. There still are awesome caring people in the world. My world is blessed to be graced with  so many of them.

and one more pic... because its just too precious :)

Baby Shower, Im only 2 weeks late!

I planned for about 2 months, and pulled off a decent shower for Beanie. We changed venues 3 times before it was all said and done. I had originally booked the community center in the nearest town. It was going to run $100 for the evening, plus $100 deposit. I stopped by city hall the week of the shower to pay my deposit and the fee... only to find out they dont take debit or credit cards. Cash only, no checks. Which is fine I dont write checks... So I took off down the road to the bank, to withdraw cash. I came back to find out that while they wont take a check, they mail your deposit back in 30 DAYS as a check. I decided to tell them to forget it. If I pay cash, when I hand the keys back to the center and you inspect it I expect CASH to be handed back to me, I dont expect to let you hold it for 30 days and then mail it.

So anyhow, we moved it to Beanie's house. Then it was moved to my house after some unforeseen issues at Beanie's.

The day of the shower we still had 22 CONFIRMED people coming, plus 15 maybe's. We spent the day picking up last minute items, and PRAYING that the UPS man would bring not only the plates/napkins/cups that had been ordered 10 days prior with 3 DAY shipping... but also the cake topper that was paid for 2 weeks prior and hadn't shown. Fortunately both arrived. We went and picked up food, and the cake (which I was sorely disappointed in and had wished I had more time so I could have tried my hand at rolled fondant cake deocrating).

Then the phone calls started. This one forgot and made other plans for the night, that one had sick kids, this one didnt have enough gas money to get there, that one was out of town. What in the world will we do with food for 30+? I was beginning to see a disaster coming. However enough people showed up that a crisis was averted ;)

Plates/napkins/cake topper etc pre-party


The cake, topper was actually too big for the top layer. I was bummed. Should have stuck to original plan of making my own cakes. Gaah. Next time.

 The Belly Cast. Beanie actually wants me to go back now, and do a basket weave on the bottom with ribbon, so I may post updated pics of it later.

 Playing games at the shower

Gift time!!

The cake, just prior to cutting it

 The shower party group picture!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Amazon Prime Rocks Again!

At 10am yesterday I posted about the awesome deal on diapers when you use the amazon mom's sign up discount and the subscription. Well... I bought pampers but after a few people said they used other brands, I got to looking and wouldnt you know it, they have the same type of deals on Huggies AND Luvs!

The only thing I have found is that Luvs does not make a newborn size, they start at size 1, However Baby J wears Luvs so I started her "subscription" today. If I can save a few bucks and NOT run out of diapers each month Ill be happy. If I knew how often I would have them at my house, I would just go cloth... but planning is not one of Beanie's strong suites! Being organized comes at the end of her priorities. Though I think I might have been the same way at her age, so I cant fault her too terribly much. (But I sure can bitch, moan, whine and complain about it).

Anyhow.... back to the point of my post. I ordered my subscription around 10am yesterday. At 2pm today, when the UPS man arrived, I had a case of newborn diapers. WOW! Love Amazon Prime and super fast shipping!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This is only a test

Don't be scared, this is only a test post!

An attempt discriminates! 

Really it does.

Follow me, I'll follow you, honesty in blog following....

Ive joined a few sites, looking for others with common interests, and blogs to follow that are about things I am interested in. I am always amazed by the threads where  people are seeking followers or blogs to follow. You see them lit up with neon, LOOK AT ME!!! Come follow my blog, I will follow you they promise. But why? Why would you say you will follow everyone who follows you, if you find after previewing their blog, that you have absolutely nothing in common. No link to each other through hobbies or other things you are passionate about?  Why not just post a hey come check out my blog thread,  and add to it saying to feel free to post your blog link too.... then follow the people who you find interesting

Amazon Prime rocks... the subscription options are cool too!

So DD seems to run out of diapers quite often, that or she is short on money.  :seeingstars  So I have been watching deals on amazon via a few frugal gals on Facebook to catch a good deal.  Today I bit the bullet and subscribed to have a box of pampers shipped to me monthly.
The Amazon cost is $21.24 with the subscription it is $14 and some change... there is a click and save coupon on the ordering page for $1.50 Total monthly cost is just over $14 with tax included.

Ultimately this will save me $6-$8 off the cost at Walmart. Which means.... I have more money to buy bows from my friend S'te at All Ribboned Out :yahoo

Gatlinburg Tennessee

Someday, if I ever retire, it will be to the Smoky Mountains of Eastern Tennessee :wub