Monday, April 4, 2011

Teeball hasn't even started yet!

Yeah. It hasn't even started and Lil dude has already been injured. Seems that practicing in the yard with other kids is a hazard I forgot about.  While "practicing" with a tee... and a ball, lil dude got whacked in the jaw by the bat The initial picture, 2 days after it happened isn't too bad, purple, but swelling is gone.

The next picture, taken April 1st, is green and looks worse than a few days before.

As a kid, I was arguing with my brother and his friends over a "play" while we were playing baseball. I got whacked by a bat too. Of course I was older, I think in the 5th grade, and it hit my eye orbit. Fractured the orbit and the damn thing never bruised! Luckily this was just a bruise, and looked worse (to me) than it probably really was.

So I bought ball gear for the kids. Balls, bats, a tee, baseball mitts etc. Well apparently we all forgot how to share. No one wants to share with Baby Joy. Poor Baby Joy, she just wants to play too! So I broke down and bought her, her own mitt and ball. I let it be known, that NO ONE was to use her stuff, since they don't want to share with her, I do not expect her to share with them, at least not in this instance!  She was quite proud of her new items as we walked towards the register with them!

You might have seen my post on Facebook the other night... I was ready to sell a 5yr old and throw in a free 2 yr old. I am pretty sure the teacher fed lil dude a 10 lb bag of sugar on Friday, you know, since this next week is their spring break and they dont have to deal with the bouncing off the walls?. Yeah he was literally bouncing off the walls, the furniture, being a pill to Baby Joy and getting into things!

So I took pictures of him laughing when I said I was selling him. Evidently I can not be taken seriously LOL

and the freebie!

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