Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Amazon Prime Rocks Again!

At 10am yesterday I posted about the awesome deal on diapers when you use the amazon mom's sign up discount and the subscription. Well... I bought pampers but after a few people said they used other brands, I got to looking and wouldnt you know it, they have the same type of deals on Huggies AND Luvs!

The only thing I have found is that Luvs does not make a newborn size, they start at size 1, However Baby J wears Luvs so I started her "subscription" today. If I can save a few bucks and NOT run out of diapers each month Ill be happy. If I knew how often I would have them at my house, I would just go cloth... but planning is not one of Beanie's strong suites! Being organized comes at the end of her priorities. Though I think I might have been the same way at her age, so I cant fault her too terribly much. (But I sure can bitch, moan, whine and complain about it).

Anyhow.... back to the point of my post. I ordered my subscription around 10am yesterday. At 2pm today, when the UPS man arrived, I had a case of newborn diapers. WOW! Love Amazon Prime and super fast shipping!

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