Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nothing beats having good friends

Throughout the years both Digger and I have met quite a few people online, that have turned out to be great friends. Of course then there are those who turn out to be psycho, but this particular post isn't about the psycho ones.

One of the sites Digger is on often, and I slip in and out the back door of, is a group of buggy people. Buggy as in dune buggy LOL

Anyhow, there are times that we randomly get gifts for one kid or another from people we have met through the buggy site. 2 days ago, the mail man came, and in the mail was a bib for baby Freddy. Just a nice, sweet gesture, that is very much appreciated. There still are awesome caring people in the world. My world is blessed to be graced with  so many of them.

and one more pic... because its just too precious :)

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