Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ive found a new money saver!

And who isn't all about saving some money when they can?

The past couple of times Ive needed to rent a car I have gone to Priceline   I have used them for years for hotels and occasional plane tickets, but never gave it much thought to rental cars. But here recently I needed a last minute rental and the local rental company, Enterprise, wanted an arm and a leg to rent.

Priceline had me at the first car, for $7 a day. But then... the second rental came along and that was when I decided I will attempt to rent with them, before all other options.

I bid on a rental for a midsized car. National car rental accepted my offer of $8 a day. When I arrived at the counter, the rep didnt have a midsize and upgraded me to a luxury. WOOT WOOT right? Well I must say for $8 a day it was well worth the money spent.

We got a Cadillac CTS which was quite nice. There were a few things I discovered. First I love heated seats. Second, luxury doesn't have anything to do with economical.  The gas mileage literally SUCKED. Average was 23 MPG. I get 20 in my gas guzzling SUV. Not much in the way of savings there.  Since there was no charge for the upgrade, I will just be content knowing I saved my SUV from 800 or so miles this weekend, but I won't ever long for a "luxury" car!

The upgrade

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