Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Follow me, I'll follow you, honesty in blog following....

Ive joined a few sites, looking for others with common interests, and blogs to follow that are about things I am interested in. I am always amazed by the threads where  people are seeking followers or blogs to follow. You see them lit up with neon, LOOK AT ME!!! Come follow my blog, I will follow you they promise. But why? Why would you say you will follow everyone who follows you, if you find after previewing their blog, that you have absolutely nothing in common. No link to each other through hobbies or other things you are passionate about?  Why not just post a hey come check out my blog thread,  and add to it saying to feel free to post your blog link too.... then follow the people who you find interesting


  1. Who knows? I follow blogs in Google Reader that I like. Period the end. Why follow someone you have nothing in common with if they're not blogging about something you want to learn about?

  2. That's exactly it... why would you follow someone you have no interests in common? I see this on a lot of blogger connection sites though. Dunno.