Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's a Girl :)

Of course we knew that.

We went to the hospital Tuesday night, they confirmed that the flooding was her water (duh) and admitted her. They put her on the monitor and said they were just going to see what happened for the night. So we all hunkered down and hung out. Me, Piggles, Beanie's asshole were all there the entire time.

At 430am they started pitocin. She didn't progress for quite awhile... then it hit hard. My prediction was 12:21pm 5lbs 11oz and 17 inches long (she was 3.5 wks early)

My daughter said she was going natural... that lasted 30 minutes :kneeslapper Knowing my daughter and her pain tolerance level and histrionics I knew that's about how long she would last :snicker When she told the nurse she figured she could make it to an 8 on a scale of 1-10 before needing the epidural it took everything I had not to laugh :giggle because her scale of 1-10 is most people's 1-4 LOL

Anyway.... she made it 30 minutes. They put the epidural in around 5am, and she went another almost 8 hrs before she had the baby. This was her longest labor, they seem to progressively get longer with each kid, not shorter :seeingstars  She did pretty good until almost the end... then she got emotional. As a mother you know how it is. When your kid cries you lose it. I have since informed her, if she is to ever have another child, she is not allowed to get emotional, or I will NOT be there :giggle (Like that would really happen I am the camera crew)

The doctor was awesome. Beanie's asshole went outside to smoke about 3478953678956735869 times during the labor, he went when she was at 8cm, and came back and the baby's head was already delivered. Beanie was NOT happy. She said at one point "where the FUCK is that dumb mother fucker?" :hide The doctor said "come on Im trying here, you dont have to call me names" :rofl

Then.... he started singing to the baby.... "She'll be coming out of the uterus when she comes" :hystericlaugh even in pain and through the final labor process  Beanie was ROLLING laughing.

Baby came at 12:41pm, was 5lbs 11oz and was 19 inches long :wow I was pretty darn close!

Here is a before labor and feeling good with the epidural shot of Beanie and Piggles
 The birthing suite. It was pretty darn big!
 Texting through labor. :snicker
 Other end of the birthing suite, wait another child texting the day away :snicker
Piggles asked the doctor a couple questions and it turned into a school lesson :giggle I thought it was really cool, that the doctor explained things to her. Like the function of the placenta, the chromosomes, how the blood never mixes yet gets close enough to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide etc.

Then when the doctor came back in  and he congratulated everyone... when he came to Beanie's asshole, he said well congratulations from one dumb MF to another dumb MF:hystericlaugh

 The awesome doctor playing catch!

Beanie named the baby after Piggles,  she is Paisley Alianna Grace. I have dubbed her Freddy :snicker

Beanie and Freddy

Piggles & Freddy


 This is what I look like running on 3 hours of sleep LOL

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