Monday, February 27, 2012

Strange Little Pug

I had to take a trip today, and since kids are in school. I brought my travel buddy, Shang Zhu, also known as Zhu Zhu. he started out in the back seat. Snoring happily away while hanging out on my pillow.

I stopped at Burger King for breakfast, I ate the ham and egg, and Zhuie got the croissant LOL He then moved to the center console. I am not sure if his butt got stuck and he just fell asleep or what, but he hung out with his nose in the cup holder for about an hour.

He then decided sitting at an awkward angle on my backpack was the way to ride... and snooze!

I stopped at a Walmart and got him some doggy treats. He was allowed ONE.

When I came back out from checking in at the hotel, he had moved himself to the front seat, and left me the empty package and consumed the other 4 doggy treats.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Its That Time!

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished......

Debating if I need to make my facebook so that only friends can send messages.

After the local news station, WBKO posted about Buddy and his fundrazr on their Facebook page, I have been getting hate mail

Im not sure the purpose. Some have messaged me telling me how much they paid for a vet bill, and how they did it all on their own, took out a loan, mortgaged their home, gave their first born son to pay the bill etc...  Others have called me everything from a welfare junkie, to a drug addict looking for a fix, to telling me to get a job, or stop begging.

Im not quite sure when asking people to spread the word and help if they can became the equivalent of begging, but apparently it is. Im not even sure what people are looking for when sending me these hate filled messages. Do they need a pat on the back for being strong and never asking for help? Are they bitter that no one offered to help them in their time of need? How do you justify being hateful to someone who was just helping out.

I also wonder what kind of hate mail Buddy's facebook page has gotten? Or his owners?

My faith in humanity suffers tonight. But ultimately I won't let it stop me from helping out those in need, in the future.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Feel Like a Super Hero Today

I started the Fundrazr last night around 11pm. This morning, I met Buddy's humans at the vet. When I paid what was in the fundrazr we had raised a total between call in donations and paypal donations of $320 and some change. 

Buddy was assessed and Dr Tabor said he did NOT have to lose his leg. She told us also that had we tried to raise the $2000 for the "other" surgery the other vet told us about, that it would have failed. the fracture is too close to a joint to tie in a plate and screws.

Dr Tabor is truly a blessing. We have used her for about 3 years and she has never done us wrong. Today she did right by Buddy.

Twice this week I feel like I have made a difference in someone's life. 

All that purple is bruising on Buddy's abdominal area.

Buddy after his assessment.

A Plea for Help for Buddy the Yorkie

Buddy the Yorkie is a successful escape artist. So successful that Thursday he escaped, with his toy teddy bear in his mouth, and was hit by a car, and left for dead on the side of the road in front of his home. Buddy's human neighbor saw him and went to tell his human family he was out there and either hurt or possibly dead. Buddy perked his little head up when he heard his mom calling his name as she rushed out to his side.

Buddy was taken to a vet in Muhlenburg Co, who did xrays, gave fluids, a pain shot, and without $500 to amputate his leg, sent him home basically to die.

His human's were not ready to give up on him.

This is where I, along with a couple others who work with local rescues stepped up. My local vet was contacted by Murphy's rescue and she agreed to see Buddy, and perform his surgery. The vet bill will probably run around $600. Dr Tabor at Cornerstone Veterinary Clinic in Russellville has agreed to half the money up front. (Something the other vet wouldnt even consider)

There is currently a fundrazr open to raise money for Buddy. Anything helps, even if its just $1 or $2. Sharing his link helps as well! Please help us help Buddy by clicking on his picture below!

You can also follow Buddy's progress on his very own Facebook page
 by clicking here------> FACEBOOK

Friday, February 24, 2012

Second Attempt! Hair Bows!

So I need 3 Zebra hair bows, we covered that in my last post. BUT I only have enough zebra ribbon to make those 3 bows... maybe a 4th for the 1st funky looking one I made. So I decided to practice on other ribbon.

Stacked bow take 2-----

I Never Met a Fancy Hair Bow I Didn't Like

Until today LOL.

Obviously Ive been up for hours, but once I got lil dude off to school, I decided to try my hand at this hair bow making deal.

I set out watching video's on Youtube to figure out the layers of a stacked bow. Now the three videos I watched (there are literally THOUSANDS) were not made to the quality I am used to by All Ribboned Out. 

So I sat here, with my laptop, the videos and 2 stacked bows from S'te. I watched and twisted ribbon. Watched again, compared to S'te's bow. Twisted more ribbon,  compared again... in 1 HOUR I made 1 stacked bow.

The measurements that they give you on the videos dont work out real well for a perfect bow. Over all it isnt bad, but it sure isnt even close to an All Ribboned Out bow LOL

I burned 2 fingers with hot glue, and stuck my self half a dozen times with a needle.  I am crafty darnit! I never run into burned fingers from hot glue!  Except for the fact that I need 2 more Zebra bows for pictures for the girls, I plan to stick to buying them, for sure!

Bow process:

Ribbon lined alligator clip---- easiest part!

Bag of Alligator clips--- $3.99 Hobby Lobby

My mess in front of the laptop where instruction video is playing on LOOP

Bottom Layer, supposed to be a 4 inch boutique bow LOL

Start of 2 inch loop bow

What is supposed to be a 3 inch boutique bow--- yeah.

Finished Bow umm yeah 

Compared to the perfect All Ribboned Out bow LMAO!

 Because I have NO kids at home right now... on the cabbage patch

So it was a bit "floppy" I applied starch LOL its a bit better. 

Who invited this insomnia chick into my bed?

After days of being sick, feeling tired, weak and just not with it, yesterday I felt great.

So much so that I ran errands, did homework, took an assessment for a job, and cleaned house. Scary!

We went to bed around 9 last night... Little did I know what a mistake that would be. 4 hours later I was wide awake.

2 hours later here I am. I tried reading sometimes just a book in hand will knock me out ( and that's before I fall asleep and drop the book on my face). Didn't work tonight.

I have updated my move on all 21 open games of words with friends, I have played my turn on 8 games of hanging with friends, I harvested and replanted my farm, accepted all gifts and resent them on FarmVille. Read a couple debate sites, responded to posts on facebook, and started a load of laundry in the washer... All from my cell phone with the exception of the laundry lol.

Now I have resorted to blogging about not being able to fall back to sleep. Murphy's law is probably in affect in the situation and at 5 am when the alarm starts going off I will be just drifting off to sleep again. Big sigh!

Suggestions are always welcome, except the suggestion of tea lol I don't drink tea :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bows? This will be interesting!

I dont know what I was thinking... but today I bought some ribbon, and while I get the very best bows from my friend at All Ribboned Out, I know her main focus is no longer bows, but embroidery work.

So I thought I would try to make some zebra bows to match the girls' dresses their Auntie Pattycakes made them. We are taking them to get pictures done next week and its entirely too short of notice to bother All Ribboned Out for 3 measly bows.

Wish me lots of luck. I know Im going to need it.

My latest boycott... Western Union

The last thing I wanted to do tonight was yell at someone.

The girls and I gathered $330 after fees to send to Little C. I came home from school. and sat down, logged into Mr Digger's Western Union acct. Sent the money, paid the fee. Got a confirmation email with the MTCN number and the directions for pick up.

It clearly states the receiver needs to have photo ID and the MTCN number to pick up their money. I sent Little C a text with not only the MTCN number and the instructions for taking picture ID (duh like she wouldnt have it with her) and told her the amount in case they asked how much she was expecting.

First trip through the line to get the money, she was turned away by the cashier because the money was sent from my husband's acct. It is listed under his FIRST initial and last name, just like on the paypal debit card. Little C has said it is either coming from Apryl Wxxxxxx or Jxxxx Wxxxxxx. the cashier says nope! You have the last name right but not the first, step out of line please.

Hold the %$&*)(@ up. Western Union website CLEARLY states the receiver must have the MTCN number and ID to retrieve money. She had BOTH of these and they clearly matched the transfer information.  It does not say you must know the exact name on the Western Union acct associated with sending the money. WTF?

 Second trip into the line she was denied her money because her Military ID doesn't have her SSN on it? Say what? It was $330 dollars, NOT $3000 and not the $5000 that a SSN is needed to report to the IRS.  The military has started issuing ID without the sponsor's SSN or the dependent's SSN to prevent identity theft. It was about time too! Most state ID's don't have a SSN number on them either, so if you arent military how will a drivers license work? So Little C starts digging for her SS card and they have her step out of the line. AGAIN? Say what? I have sent money more times than I can count, been on the receiving end as well, and NEVER have I been asked to provide my SSN or card to the agent. ID yes, MTCN#? Yes. Sometimes they even ask, do you know how much you are expecting?

Third trip into the line with SS card in hand, she is DENIED her money by the same cashier because it has to be a picture ID with her SSN on it? Go ahead, say it with me, WTF?!?!?! She asks for a manager. At the very same time I am on the phone with a Western Union agent raising cain.

This poor girl is just trying to get to a funeral, she isnt money laundering a whole $330 she's getting her gas money. The manager approves the transaction, because this girl has her ID and MTCN number and is showing a SS card with what is clearly her NAME and signature on it.

Meanwhile, the agent on the phone: What is the name on the acct?

Me: J Wxxxxxxx
Agent: What is the amount?
Me: $330
Agent: What is the control number?
Me: You mean the MTCN? 188xxxxxxxxx
Agent: Where did you send this money?
Me: San Antonio TX
Agent: Where are you located?
Me: um I didnt put that information on the transfer.
Agent: Where are you located?
Me: Kentucky at the moment, but I was in Nashville, TN when I sent the money.
Agent: Why is it send it from TN
Me: Why is this relevant? Its not, I have all the information I gave when sending it. I was at SCHOOL!
Agent: What does the J stand for?
Me: Um what?
Agent: What does the J stand for?
Me: It doesnt matter, the name on the acct  is J Wxxxxxx
Agent: It DOES matter! What does the J stand for
Me: Jxxx but that ISNT located anywhere on the acct.
Agent: Well what is the name on your credit card.
Me: J Wxxxxx
Agent: as in JAY?
Agent: You cant have a credit card with an initial on it.
Me: Im looking at it RIGHT now and it clearly says J just J, but that isnt my issue. My issue is why is your agent demanding a SSN on a military ID, or a SSN period, when the transaction amount is under $5000?
Agent: well how much is the amount?
Me: *crickets* $330 you already asked me that.
Agent: I dont know.


Eventually the agent stops messing with me in his broken English and says oh it looks like it was just picked up. I need a shot of tequila after all that. 

So, boycott called. Western Union has lost my business. They arent going to be very happy with the survey they gave me to fill out either :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tragedy and Good Friends

I have a group of about 30 of the most awesome friends out there. 30 ladies who will do anything they can for our close knit clan.

When someone has a baby we tend to do a gift. When someone has a bad day they are there to listen and give honestly even when it may not be what you want to hear.

Today they are there for one of the group, who lost a very close friend. Little C just didn't have the funds to go home for the funeral her heart was breaking and her husband was being a supreme douche nozzle.

With one Facebook message to the girls, 9 hours later we are almost to our goal of enough money for little C to drive home.

We are a diverse group, with different opinions on parenting, dieting, Politics and religion but when it comes down to it one call one text one email and you know where each and every one of their hearts are.💗

I love my zonies.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Glutton for Punishment

Most definitely.

I was feeling better, or at least I thought so. I picked lil dude up from school, and headed to the grocery for a few items. I had complete intentions of making it home by 430, and making home-made ravioli, green beans and garlic bread for supper.

I made it to the school, was feeling a little weak, but chalk it up to being dehydrated from the massive amount of water that has come out my %$*&(^& in the past 2 days.  Picked up G, and headed to Walmart.

We made it to the back of the store, I grabbed 1 can of formula, a gallon of milk, a container of sour cream, one of cottage cheese, a half gallon of coconut milk, a bag of pork rinds, and it was then I decided there would be no home-made ravioli tonight. By the time I got to the checkout... other items had found their way into the cart, but dragging 4 kids through the store and feeling weak, you just dont care what goes in the cart.

This is kicking my butt. While I am not feverish or anything anymore (or as lil dude diagnosed me with a feeber) I am just wore plumb out! So I called Sol Azteca and ordered tamales and an Ish Special for the man.

Ill cook tomorrow. Maybe.

The Pukeopotomus Train

It hit us with a vengeance. With a 2 day gestation one person starts to feel better and it hits the next. We cant all have it at once, what fun would that be for the tiny virus that is laughing as it attaches itself to our healthy cells and procreates?

It hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday. I spent the entire day in the bed, clutching my stomach and refusing food. Mr Digger had an accident at work Sunday, he wasnt feeling great and he came home from work around 10am. Bless his little heart, he brought me gatorade... that I took sips of just to make him happy... then I flushed about half a glass, to make him happier LOL.

So far Devil Child and baby J have both had it, it lasted less than 24 hours for each of them. lil man and Freddy have been spared at least for now. Im waiting, I fully expect the school to call at any moment.

I got up today with the intent of making it to my class today. No such luck, it zapped the energy out of me for sure. While my belly isnt rolling as much, the sulfur indigestion and gas have gone away... Im still not up to a 56 mile drive each way to school and back.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Netflix to the Rescue

On my mission to cut costs I decided to give Netflix another try. Free trial through Swagbucks gained me a few swagbucks, and a month to decide if the streaming through the DVD player and wii is worth 7.99 a month.

We generally spend about $15 a weekend at Family Video renting movies and games. Obviously we cant rent games through Netflix, but overall the cost of a game is only a couple bucks so we are still saving if we stick with this route.

So far---- we have watched a couple decent movies and a few we didnt get very far into before turning off. However they didnt cost us $1-2 a piece at Family video to find out we werent impressed.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Gatlinburg TN

When I retire, I will live in east Tennessee. There is just something about it that calls my name, it just feels like home.

So this past weekend we drove down to Gatlinburg for the weekend. I called my buddy the negotiator at Priceline *giggle* and worked some magic for a hotel room at $14 a night YAHOO!

We used passes and went to the Ripley's aquarium, Mirror Maze, 3D movies, Believe it or Not, and of course the Haunted House.

 On our way there

 Watching the fish eat

 Spotted jellyfish

 This guy swam to the top of the aquarium and waved at us, and hung out where we were standing for probably 5 minutes. The keepers came and "fed" him right after that so he hung out a little while longer :)

 She found Dory right away... and Nemo not long after that :)

 Kins walking the penguins (notice the keeper cleaning up penguin poop LOL)

 Found some hot sauce to try *gigglesnort* what doesnt kill you makes you stronger right?

Mr Digger and I with our hot chocolate :)