Sunday, February 26, 2012

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished......

Debating if I need to make my facebook so that only friends can send messages.

After the local news station, WBKO posted about Buddy and his fundrazr on their Facebook page, I have been getting hate mail

Im not sure the purpose. Some have messaged me telling me how much they paid for a vet bill, and how they did it all on their own, took out a loan, mortgaged their home, gave their first born son to pay the bill etc...  Others have called me everything from a welfare junkie, to a drug addict looking for a fix, to telling me to get a job, or stop begging.

Im not quite sure when asking people to spread the word and help if they can became the equivalent of begging, but apparently it is. Im not even sure what people are looking for when sending me these hate filled messages. Do they need a pat on the back for being strong and never asking for help? Are they bitter that no one offered to help them in their time of need? How do you justify being hateful to someone who was just helping out.

I also wonder what kind of hate mail Buddy's facebook page has gotten? Or his owners?

My faith in humanity suffers tonight. But ultimately I won't let it stop me from helping out those in need, in the future.

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  1. People suck. They always have. Some people just like to try to upset the apple cart.