Friday, February 24, 2012

I Never Met a Fancy Hair Bow I Didn't Like

Until today LOL.

Obviously Ive been up for hours, but once I got lil dude off to school, I decided to try my hand at this hair bow making deal.

I set out watching video's on Youtube to figure out the layers of a stacked bow. Now the three videos I watched (there are literally THOUSANDS) were not made to the quality I am used to by All Ribboned Out. 

So I sat here, with my laptop, the videos and 2 stacked bows from S'te. I watched and twisted ribbon. Watched again, compared to S'te's bow. Twisted more ribbon,  compared again... in 1 HOUR I made 1 stacked bow.

The measurements that they give you on the videos dont work out real well for a perfect bow. Over all it isnt bad, but it sure isnt even close to an All Ribboned Out bow LOL

I burned 2 fingers with hot glue, and stuck my self half a dozen times with a needle.  I am crafty darnit! I never run into burned fingers from hot glue!  Except for the fact that I need 2 more Zebra bows for pictures for the girls, I plan to stick to buying them, for sure!

Bow process:

Ribbon lined alligator clip---- easiest part!

Bag of Alligator clips--- $3.99 Hobby Lobby

My mess in front of the laptop where instruction video is playing on LOOP

Bottom Layer, supposed to be a 4 inch boutique bow LOL

Start of 2 inch loop bow

What is supposed to be a 3 inch boutique bow--- yeah.

Finished Bow umm yeah 

Compared to the perfect All Ribboned Out bow LMAO!

 Because I have NO kids at home right now... on the cabbage patch

So it was a bit "floppy" I applied starch LOL its a bit better. 

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  1. I think it looks great for your first bow! Ella would rock it!