Monday, February 13, 2012

Gatlinburg TN

When I retire, I will live in east Tennessee. There is just something about it that calls my name, it just feels like home.

So this past weekend we drove down to Gatlinburg for the weekend. I called my buddy the negotiator at Priceline *giggle* and worked some magic for a hotel room at $14 a night YAHOO!

We used passes and went to the Ripley's aquarium, Mirror Maze, 3D movies, Believe it or Not, and of course the Haunted House.

 On our way there

 Watching the fish eat

 Spotted jellyfish

 This guy swam to the top of the aquarium and waved at us, and hung out where we were standing for probably 5 minutes. The keepers came and "fed" him right after that so he hung out a little while longer :)

 She found Dory right away... and Nemo not long after that :)

 Kins walking the penguins (notice the keeper cleaning up penguin poop LOL)

 Found some hot sauce to try *gigglesnort* what doesnt kill you makes you stronger right?

Mr Digger and I with our hot chocolate :)

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