Thursday, February 23, 2012

My latest boycott... Western Union

The last thing I wanted to do tonight was yell at someone.

The girls and I gathered $330 after fees to send to Little C. I came home from school. and sat down, logged into Mr Digger's Western Union acct. Sent the money, paid the fee. Got a confirmation email with the MTCN number and the directions for pick up.

It clearly states the receiver needs to have photo ID and the MTCN number to pick up their money. I sent Little C a text with not only the MTCN number and the instructions for taking picture ID (duh like she wouldnt have it with her) and told her the amount in case they asked how much she was expecting.

First trip through the line to get the money, she was turned away by the cashier because the money was sent from my husband's acct. It is listed under his FIRST initial and last name, just like on the paypal debit card. Little C has said it is either coming from Apryl Wxxxxxx or Jxxxx Wxxxxxx. the cashier says nope! You have the last name right but not the first, step out of line please.

Hold the %$&*)(@ up. Western Union website CLEARLY states the receiver must have the MTCN number and ID to retrieve money. She had BOTH of these and they clearly matched the transfer information.  It does not say you must know the exact name on the Western Union acct associated with sending the money. WTF?

 Second trip into the line she was denied her money because her Military ID doesn't have her SSN on it? Say what? It was $330 dollars, NOT $3000 and not the $5000 that a SSN is needed to report to the IRS.  The military has started issuing ID without the sponsor's SSN or the dependent's SSN to prevent identity theft. It was about time too! Most state ID's don't have a SSN number on them either, so if you arent military how will a drivers license work? So Little C starts digging for her SS card and they have her step out of the line. AGAIN? Say what? I have sent money more times than I can count, been on the receiving end as well, and NEVER have I been asked to provide my SSN or card to the agent. ID yes, MTCN#? Yes. Sometimes they even ask, do you know how much you are expecting?

Third trip into the line with SS card in hand, she is DENIED her money by the same cashier because it has to be a picture ID with her SSN on it? Go ahead, say it with me, WTF?!?!?! She asks for a manager. At the very same time I am on the phone with a Western Union agent raising cain.

This poor girl is just trying to get to a funeral, she isnt money laundering a whole $330 she's getting her gas money. The manager approves the transaction, because this girl has her ID and MTCN number and is showing a SS card with what is clearly her NAME and signature on it.

Meanwhile, the agent on the phone: What is the name on the acct?

Me: J Wxxxxxxx
Agent: What is the amount?
Me: $330
Agent: What is the control number?
Me: You mean the MTCN? 188xxxxxxxxx
Agent: Where did you send this money?
Me: San Antonio TX
Agent: Where are you located?
Me: um I didnt put that information on the transfer.
Agent: Where are you located?
Me: Kentucky at the moment, but I was in Nashville, TN when I sent the money.
Agent: Why is it send it from TN
Me: Why is this relevant? Its not, I have all the information I gave when sending it. I was at SCHOOL!
Agent: What does the J stand for?
Me: Um what?
Agent: What does the J stand for?
Me: It doesnt matter, the name on the acct  is J Wxxxxxx
Agent: It DOES matter! What does the J stand for
Me: Jxxx but that ISNT located anywhere on the acct.
Agent: Well what is the name on your credit card.
Me: J Wxxxxx
Agent: as in JAY?
Agent: You cant have a credit card with an initial on it.
Me: Im looking at it RIGHT now and it clearly says J just J, but that isnt my issue. My issue is why is your agent demanding a SSN on a military ID, or a SSN period, when the transaction amount is under $5000?
Agent: well how much is the amount?
Me: *crickets* $330 you already asked me that.
Agent: I dont know.


Eventually the agent stops messing with me in his broken English and says oh it looks like it was just picked up. I need a shot of tequila after all that. 

So, boycott called. Western Union has lost my business. They arent going to be very happy with the survey they gave me to fill out either :)

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