Monday, February 13, 2012

Where is the phone?

For the first time in over 2 years, my complaint about a phone is NOT the fault of AT&T. No really... they didnt do it this time.

Digger's blackberry ball was dirty... I was 100% sure of it, but it was acting up, he was at work and he couldnt scroll up, just down and side to side. He is a mechanically inclined person, he is technologically challenged. I tried to walk him through cleaning his ball (its okay to laugh I DID!) he said he cleaned it, but like a little kid washing their hands, he probably should have been supervised.

So he gave in and said to upgrade his phone. He has had an upgrade sitting on his line for about 5 months, I generally do the upgrade and take the phone leaving everyone in the house with my discarded phone, but this time I already had the iphone and there wasnt any other upgrade I was interested in. So I upgraded him on the 7th, around 11am. 

On the 8th  USPS tracking showed that the info was put in the system on the 7th, and shipped from Fort Worth Texas on the 7th. Our AT&T shipping experiences have always been 2 days time. So we figured Thursday a phone would arrive (actually 2 of them, I got one for my favorite 13 yr old too :) ) 

Thursday the tracking on the USPS website showed that it was expected to be delivered on the 9th. So Thursday afternoon mail runs... no phone. 

Friday the 10th, mail runs, no phone.

Saturday the 11th, mail runs, no phone

The tracking now shows that it took 4 days to travel 747 miles... well technically according to the tracking, the phones are in Louisville KY, they went PAST us by 150 miles to Lexington KY, then back 50 miles to Louisville... where they are currently sitting in some processing center (according to the USPS website) 

What happened to the 2 day zone for PRIORITY mail? When you pay priority, its what you expect. Apparently the time frames have changed a bit, and in fact while digging I found that EXPRESS mail is not guaranteed for next day delivery (It used to be) Now it is just the fastest way, with no guaranteed delivery date. 

This, my friends is why the USPS is going under, and more people are turning to Fedex, UPS, and DHL for their guaranteed deliveries. 

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