Monday, February 27, 2012

Strange Little Pug

I had to take a trip today, and since kids are in school. I brought my travel buddy, Shang Zhu, also known as Zhu Zhu. he started out in the back seat. Snoring happily away while hanging out on my pillow.

I stopped at Burger King for breakfast, I ate the ham and egg, and Zhuie got the croissant LOL He then moved to the center console. I am not sure if his butt got stuck and he just fell asleep or what, but he hung out with his nose in the cup holder for about an hour.

He then decided sitting at an awkward angle on my backpack was the way to ride... and snooze!

I stopped at a Walmart and got him some doggy treats. He was allowed ONE.

When I came back out from checking in at the hotel, he had moved himself to the front seat, and left me the empty package and consumed the other 4 doggy treats.


  1. Well at least he didn't eat the package!My dogs would have! And q-tips I don't know why they like them! Yuck!I really liked your blog and I have to say your attitude(I read your all about me). I like attitude in blogs, I hate the goody good boring blogs. If you ever join Blogaholic you'd fit in with the group Bad Girls Blogging.Any way thank you for following my blogs!

  2. For got to tell you that I'm following you too

  3. smarter than you think!
    Have fun!!