Thursday, February 9, 2012

Public Speaking

or---- I cant believe I signed up for this as an elective!

Yep thats right, Im taking a public speaking class. Really it is GOOD for me, for my career, and for my transcript.

Inside, Im terrified of speaking to a group of people I am not familiar with. Co-workers? No problem! Friends? Even better!! Best friends? Im the life of the party!!!

Strangers? I freeze. Its not that I care if they like me. I have those crazy thoughts that fly through my mind though. Like, Is my zipper up? Do I have a boogie hanging from my left nostril? Is that a zit I feel forming in the middle of my forehead? Did I remember to put mascara on BOTH sets of eyelashes this morning? Did I remember to get dressed this morning? Did I turn off all the lights and lock the back door on the way out?

My mind distracts me, I lose track of what Im supposed to be saying, and inevitably, one of the random questions in my mind works its way out. Fortunately for me, Ive never asked if I have a boogie hanging out of my left nostril.

Off to write a 10 minute speech on Homeless Interventions. Wish me luck at 1:30 tomorrow!

PS: Do I have a boogie hanging out?

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