Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Plea for Help for Buddy the Yorkie

Buddy the Yorkie is a successful escape artist. So successful that Thursday he escaped, with his toy teddy bear in his mouth, and was hit by a car, and left for dead on the side of the road in front of his home. Buddy's human neighbor saw him and went to tell his human family he was out there and either hurt or possibly dead. Buddy perked his little head up when he heard his mom calling his name as she rushed out to his side.

Buddy was taken to a vet in Muhlenburg Co, who did xrays, gave fluids, a pain shot, and without $500 to amputate his leg, sent him home basically to die.

His human's were not ready to give up on him.

This is where I, along with a couple others who work with local rescues stepped up. My local vet was contacted by Murphy's rescue and she agreed to see Buddy, and perform his surgery. The vet bill will probably run around $600. Dr Tabor at Cornerstone Veterinary Clinic in Russellville has agreed to half the money up front. (Something the other vet wouldnt even consider)

There is currently a fundrazr open to raise money for Buddy. Anything helps, even if its just $1 or $2. Sharing his link helps as well! Please help us help Buddy by clicking on his picture below!

You can also follow Buddy's progress on his very own Facebook page
 by clicking here------> FACEBOOK

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