Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Pukeopotomus Train

It hit us with a vengeance. With a 2 day gestation one person starts to feel better and it hits the next. We cant all have it at once, what fun would that be for the tiny virus that is laughing as it attaches itself to our healthy cells and procreates?

It hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday. I spent the entire day in the bed, clutching my stomach and refusing food. Mr Digger had an accident at work Sunday, he wasnt feeling great and he came home from work around 10am. Bless his little heart, he brought me gatorade... that I took sips of just to make him happy... then I flushed about half a glass, to make him happier LOL.

So far Devil Child and baby J have both had it, it lasted less than 24 hours for each of them. lil man and Freddy have been spared at least for now. Im waiting, I fully expect the school to call at any moment.

I got up today with the intent of making it to my class today. No such luck, it zapped the energy out of me for sure. While my belly isnt rolling as much, the sulfur indigestion and gas have gone away... Im still not up to a 56 mile drive each way to school and back.

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