Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cutting bills

So last night I sat down and went over the bills. We have a home phone that we use once a week to fax hours to payroll. We can't get rid of it though as the co-op requires us to have a home phone in order to get their dsl. Country living gives us no other internet options. I noticed though that we are paying 6 a month for caller id. Huh? Why would we have put that on the bill? For almost 7 years we have been paying 6 a month for something we don't need or use! $504 wasted. Then I moved on to the cell bill. Whoooweeee! What an i chop from it??? How about 35 a month in insurance? The way their restructure insurance works to replace any of our smart phones it's now 200 bucks for the deductible. I will put the 35 aside I'm a cell phone fund acct... If we have to replace we can just pay cash instead of getting raped on the phone bill. Oh bonus apparently our homeowners will cover the phones if something happens to them at home. Works or me. Navigation got chopped from SAMs phone. She can't find her way out of a paper sack, plus that's why we have 3 tomtoms. I cut husband's data plan back he never comes close to going over. So today I chopped that 6 from the bill along with another 5 by signing up for paper billing on the home phone and 55 from the cell bill. total savings 66 plus taxes... Now off to class then coupon cutting!

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