Thursday, January 26, 2012

Never realized how difficult

It would be to find someone to babysit in my home.

I am literally pulling my hair out at this point. Part of the issue is probably the fact I only need someone constant 1 day a week  and then its only 7 hours total.... and occasionally 2 days a week.

I dont know if the number of children is what scares people away. The oddness of the hours. Or the fact I refuse to pay more than the going local rate. If you are worth $20 an hour with no degree you better be able to cook and clean while you are at it!

Sitter City was a bust... there are a few semi-locals listed, no one wants to sit in someone else's home. They havent logged into their accts in 6 months or more, or they are high school students looking for after school random jobs.

A daycare center wont work for us, because of the bus schedule for 2 of the kids. Maybe I should just drop out of school and become a babysitter myself!



  1. I'd do it if I were available...or you know living in the same state.

  2. Have you tried Craigslist? Asked the neighborhood kids? Asked relatives in the area? If none of those ideas work, just sell the kids. JK.
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  3. I would have you Joy... if you were in the same state! OMG Sandy you MIGHT be onto something here! LOL

  4. Apryl - that's how self employed businesses are born ;-)