Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Road Trip part TWO!

Philly :)

The kids and I ventured into downtown Philly after our trip to the aquarium. We were able to hit Independence Hall and take the tour, as well as Constitution Hall, Betsy Ross's House, and the Liberty Bell.

Independence Hall was a great tour, and lil dude got the opportunity to be a "helper" during an explanation of the  constitution of the United States. I think I stood with my mouth hanging open in awe throughout the different tours, just to be in a place with so much history, a place with so much meaning to this country.

The buildings themselves are something else. I was highly impressed with the way they have been maintained for over 200 years.

My children have obviously been sheltered, as they were shocked at the sight of homeless people, sleeping in the snow on the sidewalks. The compassion for human beings they have been taught shined through, and my proud mom moments were many. Coffee was purchased for one homeless man by my 13 yr old, with her own money. On the drive home lil dude wanted to take him home with us. I tweeted extensively that night about our conversation. I know Im raising them right.

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