Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas, my favorite time of year

We went to Bass Pro Shop in Nashville to see Santa, everyone knows that is where the real Santa goes to see everyone before Christmas :) We wrote letters to Santa, and dropped them in his mail box, we made cookies for Santa while waiting too.

Of course my oldest went out of love for his momma. Why else would a 16 yr old go get his picture taken with Santa? 

 Lil dude loves the nutcracker. 

 Freddy is getting so big :( Where has time gone. 8 months old I LOVE that she didnt bat an eye when I sat her on Santa's lap :) LOVE IT!

 The crew :) Baby J took to Santa this year too, which was a vast improvement over last year's photo!

Take note... Freddy is chewing on Santa's beard O_o

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