Monday, April 30, 2012

Today's dress is brought to you by.......

A yearning for summer!

It was so nice and warm this morning, and into the afternoon today. Well over 80, I think the highest I saw was 86. The flamingo dress wound up being too big for Freddy, so I made her a new one tonight.

Presenting---- Freddy's dress

Somewhere in the process I went to straighten the fabric near one of the ants. Lil dude was talking and I had 500 other things on my mind, and I ran right over the tip of my finger :( ouch. 

When the kids use all your bandaids, electrical tape will work in a pinch. Sometimes being married to an electrician has its perks. We have 5438956 rolls of electrical tape.

Watch for Rain's child

What would you do if it was your child?  You'd share this post.

 I am friends with about 10 people who are friends with Rain Coley . Friday afternoon her 13 yr old daughter ran away. It has been reported to the police. All her friends have shared Anyah's picture far and wide on Facebook.  Im posting here in hopes that my 42 followers, will share with their followers, who will share with their followers, who will share this on down the line.  This is in the Tacoma Washington area, but sharing anywhere helps reach more people.

As a mother of a 13 yr old little girl, I can imagine exactly what she is going through, how she is feeling, and how hard this has got to be. Social media has become a great source to spread the word of things like this, quickly. As a mom, my heart breaks for this family.

Please if you will, take the time to read the post, look at the pictures and share! PLEASE SHARE!

From Rain----

Hey friends. Please read and spread the news. My 13 yr old daughter Anyah has run away. She was last seen on the East Side of Tacoma yesterday afternoon around 3pm. Shes about 5'1-5'2. Wearing the same glasses & jacket as in this picture. If you see her please citizens arrest her ass and call me at 253-212-8216 

Another picture of Anyah

One can always tell

When my life ends up overwhelmed.

Finals are coming. Indeed they are. Im feeling prepared enough that my studying has been few and far between. In the meantime Ive logged record hours at work, and run kids all over the place... and made a handful of pillowcase dresses in my spare time.

I stalked my friends, looking for little models for my dresses, I am planning to list them, at least on my FB store, but maybe on my Etsy as well.  I know I know... crazy taking on yet something else. I do enjoy sewing though, and have just decided I need to make the time to do the things I enjoy. So this is it----

Pink Flamingos in a 2T

Cowgirl in a 3T

Then my sibling teeshirts. Still have 2 to make for lil dude and devil child (have to find some blank tee-shirts... who knew they were so hard to find these days? Everything is screen printed :/ )

For Freddy the littlest sister :)

For Baby J, the middlest sister

For Willie the soon to be lil brother :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One last thing :)

A rescue I know here locally has had an outbreak of parvo (even though all her rescues have been vaccinated) she has somehow wound up with 4 dogs contracting the disease, and lost 1. Whenever someone needs help she is quick to step up and try to raise funds. She helped me get buddy up and going on his fund raiser when he was hit by the car (Buddy is doing great according to his owner btw)

Anyway, if you have a dollar or two in your paypal acct, Kim's rescued dogs could sure use some help with their vet bill.

I appreciate it! Thanks!


Durhamtown Plantation

Seems like I am forever playing catch up. Last Thursday night we left and headed to Georgia for our ride with friends at Durhamtown Plantation.

Long drive, very dusty, but overall nice place to ride. The kids enjoyed it. There was a bmx track and lil dude was in heaven riding the track on his bicycle.

What's Missing----

My brain apparently!

The past week has been a blur, this week just started and I already feel like I am falling behind. Finals are coming, today was a long work day, and kids have been running a fever off and on for a few days now.

I got up this morning, ready for the day (at least I thought I was LOL) Worked for a few hours, ran errands, picked up my paycheck, scanned the mystery shop sites for any close (or semi-close) shops in the near future so I can afford yet another birthday for another kid, then it was t-ball practice, laundry, and supper in no particular order.

I studied for finals for about 2 hours, took a half hour nap, and finished the day with 2 more hours of work.

I need a bubble bath,

but I think I need sleep more.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Small town, no choices

Sometimes I adore our small town life. Other times it feels like a curse. Today was a curse day. The cake was ordered over a week ago. When my oldest daughter went to pick it up, the bakery had lost the order. No where to be found, and no first birthday cake made or decorated.

This isnt the first time we have had issues with the bakery at Walmart, having no other options for decorated cakes locally (or semi-locally) Im sure it wont be our last problem with them. For devil child's 3rd birthday we ordered a fancy princess castle cake. When the employee stuck it in the box, she told us it wasnt the right box but it would be just fine. The cake made it to the party, but just barely before it fell over on itself. It was uneven and poorly made. Any time you pay $50 for a cake, it should at least make it an hour to the party and time for cake cutting, but apparently that isnt the policy with Walmart bakeries.

We got something off the shelf, that was as close as we could get to the colors of her party. The baby loved it so, in all I guess that is what matters.

Friday, April 20, 2012

YAY our tutu came!

The mailman brought our tutu and we are ready for our party tomorrow!

Devil Child trying on her sister's hat :)

The complete outfit--- I am going to go ahead and put the baby's name on the cupcake later tonight (when I get done working)

One of a kind, for sure!

Spend the evening working on some sewing. Not because I really have time, but because Im a procrastinator and Im down to the wire.

Freddy turns 1 tomorrow, well really Freddy turns 1 later today. Its 1212am in the central time zone. I had to work a few hours this evening, then got to work on my birthday hat and onesie. With any luck, the mailman will bring my tutu tomorrow :)

Birthday Hat----

and the birthday onesie----- Still debating on whether to put her name on the cupcake or not.

And--- bonus pictures. My little sugar booger :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ketchup Fields

I have to admit, its often that I dont actually listen to the droning on and on of the kids. Especially the 5 yr old who never shuts up, and even more so while in the car.

We live in the middle of no where. Seriously, 26 miles to Walmart in the nearest small town. So we spend a lot of time in the car. A typical day goes like this:

545 rise and shine (okay we rarely shine but you get the picture)
630 Bus stop the first time...
700 rise and shine part 2
730 Bus stop for the second time....
800 clock in at work (yay for working from home)
1030 RUN out the door throw remaining kids in car and RUSH to get to class 60 miles 1 way
130 RUSHING to car from class to rush home to catch the bus. 60 miles the other way
and then whatever trips we have to make to get whatever has to be done, accomplished.

So we spend a lot of time in the car. Tuesday we were driving around trying to run out of gas. Why? Because our Tahoe has "run" out of gas twice on us and when filled it only took 15 gallons of gas. The truck has a 30 gallon tank, so the logical thing to do was test it, and try and deduce what is wrong, whether its the gauge, the float or something electrical.

So gas can in the back we hit the back roads around the county. We came across mustard fields in full bloom. Mr Digger was telling the kids about them, and pointed out various wildlife. He complained that they dont listen when you try to teach them something new.

Fast forward to today.

We are headed home from one of a million trips to town today, and Devil Child sees a mustard field. She says "Look! A mustard field" I said yep, and just kept driving. About a mile down the road, after some serious thought... Devil Child says--- "Where are the ketchup fields?"

I can't help it, I still giggle EVERY time I think about it. HILARIOUS kid. However she now knows that ketchup is made from tomatoes and there are no ketchup fields.

Gotta love 'em.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

All I really want-----------

Is a nap.

I worked late last night, was up, paranoid about the sulfur burning I kept smelling (imaginary obviously the house didnt burn down around me) Mom called at 130, finally got to sleep around 230 maybe 245. I knew I had 3 hours of sleep coming. Then at 4 I was woke up by Mr Digger.

Who in the world wakes their husband/wife up at 4am if they dont have to get up? My husband does. I washed laundry last night while I was working. Mr Digger doesnt like his jeans put in the dryer, so I hang them on random chairs in the kitchen when I wash them.  Apparently they didnt have enough time to dry last night.

Im sorry, so your jeans are damp. What do you propose I do about it at 4am? Then the kids ate his last lunchable. Gaah. Im sorry, I was working and YOU (Mr Digger) were watching them. He said he was moving out.  At 4am it didnt sound like a threat, it was actually enticing. I started drooling in anticipation of being able to sleep in.

Then I woke up to an alarm that had been going off for an hour. OOPS! Drove lil Dude to school, turned around and met the preschool bus at the end of the road 30 minutes later, then logged in to work. 2 hours later, I fed the other 2 brunch... and headed to the bus stop to meet the preschool bus.

I have almost 4 hours in which I can get a nap in. Unfortunately the only one willing to cooperate appears to be Freddy, and thats only because she is not quite 1, sleeps in a crib still, and takes 2 naps a day.

So I shall turn the TV on, pull Rugrats up on Netflix, and get baby J to lay next to me watching that, while I pull My Little Pony up on Netflix in the livingroom and sit Lacey down.

Wish me LUCK. I know I wont sleep, but maybe I can rest.

One can pretend right?

Nashville Zoo with 7 kids, insanity?

Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking. This might have been one of those times. LOL

Nah, actually we had a good time, for the most part the kids were well behaved. For the most part the animals were out and active, so the kids were able to see them moving about (not just sleeping)