Saturday, April 21, 2012

Small town, no choices

Sometimes I adore our small town life. Other times it feels like a curse. Today was a curse day. The cake was ordered over a week ago. When my oldest daughter went to pick it up, the bakery had lost the order. No where to be found, and no first birthday cake made or decorated.

This isnt the first time we have had issues with the bakery at Walmart, having no other options for decorated cakes locally (or semi-locally) Im sure it wont be our last problem with them. For devil child's 3rd birthday we ordered a fancy princess castle cake. When the employee stuck it in the box, she told us it wasnt the right box but it would be just fine. The cake made it to the party, but just barely before it fell over on itself. It was uneven and poorly made. Any time you pay $50 for a cake, it should at least make it an hour to the party and time for cake cutting, but apparently that isnt the policy with Walmart bakeries.

We got something off the shelf, that was as close as we could get to the colors of her party. The baby loved it so, in all I guess that is what matters.

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