Monday, April 30, 2012

Watch for Rain's child

What would you do if it was your child?  You'd share this post.

 I am friends with about 10 people who are friends with Rain Coley . Friday afternoon her 13 yr old daughter ran away. It has been reported to the police. All her friends have shared Anyah's picture far and wide on Facebook.  Im posting here in hopes that my 42 followers, will share with their followers, who will share with their followers, who will share this on down the line.  This is in the Tacoma Washington area, but sharing anywhere helps reach more people.

As a mother of a 13 yr old little girl, I can imagine exactly what she is going through, how she is feeling, and how hard this has got to be. Social media has become a great source to spread the word of things like this, quickly. As a mom, my heart breaks for this family.

Please if you will, take the time to read the post, look at the pictures and share! PLEASE SHARE!

From Rain----

Hey friends. Please read and spread the news. My 13 yr old daughter Anyah has run away. She was last seen on the East Side of Tacoma yesterday afternoon around 3pm. Shes about 5'1-5'2. Wearing the same glasses & jacket as in this picture. If you see her please citizens arrest her ass and call me at 253-212-8216 

Another picture of Anyah

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