Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Burning Bridges

Maybe not... but something was burning!

I could just about scream and beat an almost 7 yr old with a wet noodle tonight.  We have GOT to get him out of our room (off the pink couch) and into his own bed. HAVE TO.

I worked 2 hours tonight from 8-10. I made him go to "bed" at 830 while on a potty break. I have never had issues getting him to go to bed. He might balk a bit but generally falls asleep watching TV with Jody within 10-15 minutes. 

Tonight I broke up no less than 4 fights between the kids, who seem to think that bedtime is also know as prime time fight night. I  sent him back to lay down numerous times. 

Finally I switched the TV to something he wouldnt enjoy (Mr Digger usually falls asleep to sponge bob and the noise from the TV is needed in our house for some reason)

Lil Dude started by kicking the floor, in a bit of a 2 yr old drama king fit. I got on him and he stopped. I thought he finally covered up and was fixin' to fall asleep. Everyone else was already there.

Then--- I am logging out at work, and I open my sewing room/office door. I smell something odd. Burning smell. I had laundry in the dryer so my first thought was either something in the dryer, or the lint trap. I go to laundry room, nothing. I opened the dryer, checked the lint trap, nothing but Downy softness smell.... I start towards the living room and here comes Lil Dude. Yes Lil Dude who I didnt even notice wasnt on the pink couch when I went through my bedroom.

I asked what he was doing. He said nothing, just looking in the living room. I asked why he would be looking in the living room 2 hours past bedtime. He had no answer, other than just looking. GAAH! I walk in there and the smell is really strong. I asked if he had a lighter, and what he was trying to burn down. He said no, but eventually hands me a box of MATCHES. He is lighting them, lighting paper and throwing it in the trash can ffzone/jaw-dropping.gif ffzone/jaw-dropping.gif 

I didnt find anything else that was burned, but even now, 50 minutes later I still smell burning matches. Or maybe its my imagination. ffzone/Copy of Copy of mumble.gif ffzone/Copy of Copy of mumble.gif

Either way Im shocked by his behavior. I woke Mr Digger up, told him WHY I woke him up, and all I got out of that was him asking Lil Dude why, followed by no dune buggy for 1 month. Gee way to hand out a punishment Mr Digger. He went ALL damn winter without riding his dune buggy. 3-4 MONTHS. 1 month is a cake walk. Might as well have told him he had to eat cake for supper every night for a month. *sigh*


  1. OMG that is crazy and scary. Not like lil dude at all. Man thank god you found him before something awful happened.

  2. Holy shit that's scary. Maybe watching the other kids ride will make this month hard? I just....holy crap.