Wednesday, April 18, 2012

All I really want-----------

Is a nap.

I worked late last night, was up, paranoid about the sulfur burning I kept smelling (imaginary obviously the house didnt burn down around me) Mom called at 130, finally got to sleep around 230 maybe 245. I knew I had 3 hours of sleep coming. Then at 4 I was woke up by Mr Digger.

Who in the world wakes their husband/wife up at 4am if they dont have to get up? My husband does. I washed laundry last night while I was working. Mr Digger doesnt like his jeans put in the dryer, so I hang them on random chairs in the kitchen when I wash them.  Apparently they didnt have enough time to dry last night.

Im sorry, so your jeans are damp. What do you propose I do about it at 4am? Then the kids ate his last lunchable. Gaah. Im sorry, I was working and YOU (Mr Digger) were watching them. He said he was moving out.  At 4am it didnt sound like a threat, it was actually enticing. I started drooling in anticipation of being able to sleep in.

Then I woke up to an alarm that had been going off for an hour. OOPS! Drove lil Dude to school, turned around and met the preschool bus at the end of the road 30 minutes later, then logged in to work. 2 hours later, I fed the other 2 brunch... and headed to the bus stop to meet the preschool bus.

I have almost 4 hours in which I can get a nap in. Unfortunately the only one willing to cooperate appears to be Freddy, and thats only because she is not quite 1, sleeps in a crib still, and takes 2 naps a day.

So I shall turn the TV on, pull Rugrats up on Netflix, and get baby J to lay next to me watching that, while I pull My Little Pony up on Netflix in the livingroom and sit Lacey down.

Wish me LUCK. I know I wont sleep, but maybe I can rest.

One can pretend right?

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  1. movin out of some damp jeans huh? wowza. I hope you catch a nap today. Ready all that you do makes me tired.