Monday, April 30, 2012

One can always tell

When my life ends up overwhelmed.

Finals are coming. Indeed they are. Im feeling prepared enough that my studying has been few and far between. In the meantime Ive logged record hours at work, and run kids all over the place... and made a handful of pillowcase dresses in my spare time.

I stalked my friends, looking for little models for my dresses, I am planning to list them, at least on my FB store, but maybe on my Etsy as well.  I know I know... crazy taking on yet something else. I do enjoy sewing though, and have just decided I need to make the time to do the things I enjoy. So this is it----

Pink Flamingos in a 2T

Cowgirl in a 3T

Then my sibling teeshirts. Still have 2 to make for lil dude and devil child (have to find some blank tee-shirts... who knew they were so hard to find these days? Everything is screen printed :/ )

For Freddy the littlest sister :)

For Baby J, the middlest sister

For Willie the soon to be lil brother :)

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