Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Serious questions need serious answers

Or at least one would assume that they do.

I am working part time from home, for a TV network show that I dont believe I can actually name (I know I signed something in regards to blogging and social media and the mention of my employer) so my job.... entails answering calls, and assisting people in ordering items available from the show.

So I answer the phone last night, to a much too happy man, calling about an item he saw on the company website. The questions started out to be bland in nature, when they took a turn for oddly freakish. He begins to tell me about his wife's rather large nipples. Whaaaa?

Yes you read that right, her large nipples. Prank call? I dont know. Looking back, Id say that probably yes, it was a prank. At the time, I didnt even think about the fact it could be.

I did, however, probably take ALL the fun out of his prank. When he was telling me about the nipples, and the need to know the thickness of the material of the item he was inquiring about, to ensure that her nipples did not show through the material. Apparently not only does his wife have nipples the size of silver dollars, apparently they are significantly darker than the rest of her breasts.  Ayyy geeeeez. TMI TMI TMI TMI

Being the ever savvy shopper that I am, I recalled seeing breast petals in Target or Walmart. I mentioned them to the caller, and at first he was quiet. Then he let me know what a wonderful idea that was, and decided he would call back later about the item.

Serious question? Probably not, but it certainly makes for an interesting work shift!

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