Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Glutton for Punishment

Most definitely.

I was feeling better, or at least I thought so. I picked lil dude up from school, and headed to the grocery for a few items. I had complete intentions of making it home by 430, and making home-made ravioli, green beans and garlic bread for supper.

I made it to the school, was feeling a little weak, but chalk it up to being dehydrated from the massive amount of water that has come out my %$*&(^& in the past 2 days.  Picked up G, and headed to Walmart.

We made it to the back of the store, I grabbed 1 can of formula, a gallon of milk, a container of sour cream, one of cottage cheese, a half gallon of coconut milk, a bag of pork rinds, and it was then I decided there would be no home-made ravioli tonight. By the time I got to the checkout... other items had found their way into the cart, but dragging 4 kids through the store and feeling weak, you just dont care what goes in the cart.

This is kicking my butt. While I am not feverish or anything anymore (or as lil dude diagnosed me with a feeber) I am just wore plumb out! So I called Sol Azteca and ordered tamales and an Ish Special for the man.

Ill cook tomorrow. Maybe.

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