Friday, February 10, 2012


Probably not something I should blog about but it's on my mind  and has been for awhile so here it is.

It amazes me how siblings who for the most part were raise together can be so different.

My family is a prime example. My sister is not real close in age to my brother or myself. It's not a huge gap, but enough that the difference is apparent. In high school my parents divorced. I was a freshman, my brother a senior... Little sis was in the 4th grade. I lived with dad for a bit, mom for a bit, and ventured out on my own way before my time.

Brother and I grew up to be self sufficient productive members of the world. Okay so maybe I'm still working on being productive but you get the point. Neither of us depend on our aging parents to support our families.

Sister grew up to be entitled. Entitled to have everything she thinks she deserves though for the most part what she really deserves is a swift kick in the ass and a few lessons from the school of hard knocks.

I could completely ignore her (she's 2600 miles away) up to the point she convinced our 62 yr old mother to but a house big enough to house not only mom but also sister an her 8 kids. Lots of people tried to warn mom... It would not end well. The mother in her was just trying to help her "entitled" child. So mom bought a $200k house. Sister started by taking the top floor (master suite) and making it hers. She was pregnant with #8 at the time... She made the sitting alcove a nursery. Mom got stuck in the basement. With sisters 4 boys?!?!? Go ahead say wtf???? I do daily.

The 5 yr plan was mom help her out while she and her husband got their credit straight. Then they would get a loan and buy the house from mom, and mom wouldn't be out anything. Ha!

Sister kicks husband out.... She wind up paying mom $500 a month towards a $1200 mortgage payment an mom (1 person ) pays all utilities for the 10 people in the house. I guess my mom forgot the last time my sister left her husband, 5 kids ago.... and my dad paid $5000 for an attorney for the divorce that never happened. Of course he was never paid back. I guess she probably also forgot the hundreds of dollars my sister borrowed from her over the past few years, and never paid back either. Or maybe she is just a really good parent who wanted to do right by her grandkids... making sure they had a roof over their heads, and a semi-stable environment. Or maybe my sister was just nice to her long enough to get what she wanted. A huge house with NO bills to pay! Its all free! Well free for her anyhow.

Apparently this is acceptable in my sisters world, because she is entitled to pretend she is royalty.

She sits at home doing nothing but moderating on cafe mom (housefullofkidz check out her perfect world if you feel inclined) and pretending she has a perfect fairy tale life.

When my 62 yr old mother returns from working 8-10 hrs a day she is often left to deal with my sisters kids... Except the baby. My sister likes babies. In fact, she plans to move her boyfriend in to my mom's house in March, and they want to have another baby, one together. Blogerview!

Which leads me to the last straw in entitled moments. My sister informed my mother (the owner of the house) that she can move out in March. Move out so that sister's boyfriend can move in.

Apparently it is okay to use most of your elderly mother's income to support your family, until you find another man to come along and fill the gap... oh wait, hmm its only filling a gap if her husband left a gap, right? Well with $2500 a month coming in from her husband, Im not seeing a gap, but apparently being a princess makes you entitled to the income of 2 men PLUS that of your elderly mother. Who knew? The fact that her 8 children have done around $10,000 in damage to the house since my mom bought it, the fact that my mom has no where to go (she is welcome here, however her job ISNT here and because of this house she will probably work until the day she dies) it all burns my hide.

I dont know what makes me angrier about the situation, the fact that my mom is being used, or the fact that she is also abused. My 11 yr old nephew (the oldest boy) recently gave my mom a black eye. My sister said my mom deserved it because she is bitchy. Who wouldnt be bitchy if they owned a house they werent allowed in most of, paid bills for people that they have no reason to support, and got verbally abused on a daily basis, and physically abused when it tickles the 11 yr old's fancy?

This week Cafe Mom is coming out to do a video interview of my sister, and her perfect home... all about how she has bedazzled it. I wonder what Cafe Mom would think if they knew the type of person she really is or the fact the house isnt even hers, or the fact she has her soon to be ex husband over patching hundreds of dollars worth of holes her precious perfect children put in the walls, wonder what they would think if they knew she yells at her elderly mother who resides in the dungeon over the laundry that she doesnt bother washing for her kids, just throws down the stairs into the room mom is being held captive in when she isnt working??

Just a note, I do not blame the kids for their behavior, I blame my sister who is a blamer, and blames everyone else for anything that goes wrong. I blame her husband and my mother for letting her think she is entitled to the royal lifestyle. I will take the blame if I wind up socking her in her pretty little princess face one day.

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