Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Worst Service this weekend.

You know it happens. No matter where you go, there is that one place that you wish you hadn't eaten. Or you wish you had skipped over.

No Way Jose's Mexican Cantina  was that one place this past weekend. We arrived around 9pm, a party of 3 adults and 6 kids between the ages of 2 days old and 15 years old. We placed our drink orders and waited. and waited. and waited. Eventually the waiter found his way back to our table, and we were given our drinks. 3 adult Dr Pepper's, 3 waters, and 1 kids coke (one person was too little to have anything and the other kid was on a eating/drinking strike)

I definitely understand policies regarding large parties/orders in restaurants, and automatic gratuity on large parties. However... our party of 9 had 7 drink orders and 6 food orders placed. We had small children who sat on our laps and didn't eat.

The food itself was mediocre. The chips were stale, the salsa was fresh (I assume) but tasted like water. No cilantro, and no spice what so ever.  It was all  bland, the onions and green peppers in the fajitas were under cooked (in all 3 orders of them at our table) there was virtually no spice to the meal at all, and the meat both chicken and steak tasted boiled not broiled. Disappointing? Definitely. But it got worse!

The check arrived and we found that not only were we charged $2.25 each for the 3 waters that were ordered, but the kids drink in the extra small throw away cup, cost the same amount as the adult drink. WTF? I supposed I wouldnt be too upset about it, save for the fact that the waiter never refilled anyone's drinks. Then we come to the "instantly added gratuity" for our large party. Not only do I get raped on the drinks... then I get charged almost $20 for a tip. Total bill for 6 crappy, bland, pukish tasting meals, $102.60 . Adding it up in my head as we ordered I had figured for a bill of about $59 plus tax. 4 adult meals at $10 a pop, 2 kids meals at $5.00 a pop and then 4 drinks.

Now I tip, even for poor service. I tip even better for excellent service. I do understand that many people who are waiters or waitresses make their money on their tips, not on the server wages many restaurants pay. For the lack of service we got, I would have never tipped more than $10, which would have been generous in my opinion. But to be forced to not only pay $6.75 for water (PLUS 10% tax)... then be forced to tip $20 for craptacular service? Well lets just say, not only will we NEVER eat at No Way Jose's in Gatlinburg, TN again... Ill tell everyone I know about our experience and how much they SUCK!

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