Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weekend Fun

The 4th of July weekend (starting on July 2nd) was a lot of fun. Jessica came up from Florida, Michelle came down from Ft Knox and we spend the majority of the weekend in the pool. Friday night Michelle and I ventured down to Broadway, so she could see what the night life in Nashville is like.  It was a sucky night to go down there, bridal shower at Uglies, so no dancing on the bar, the music was anything but country, so another disappointment there as well. Wish we could have crammed into Tootsie's for some decent country, but it wasnt meant to be. Private party had the Wild Horse shut down by midnight. Bah humbug!

They fell in love and plan to marry LOL  Im cool with that!

Fireworks, birthday boy and more...coming soon!

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