Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Popcorn Button

Some parents dont let their kids do things around the kitchen. I on the other hand love cooking, baking etc with the kids.

If it can be stirred, scooped, patted, cut into shapes, cooked or baked I say have at it.  I let lil dude start zapping his hotdogs last year. He completely destroyed my microwave with tinfoil on a left over container from a restaurant. Complete with flames shooting out of the microwave.

My in-laws got us a new one back in November. Early Christmas gift. Now lil dude and devil child use the microwave.

I hear from the kitchen----- "NO! you cant use that button to cook your hotdog, you have to use the melt and the 1" (thats 30 seconds people 1 for butter ;) )

Devil child says "NO YOU DONT! You have to use the WARM and 2... my hotdog has a BUN!"

Back and forth back and forth. I hear the microwave ding. Hotdog *with bun* is removed.  Then I hear "This one is easy, its only 1 button, see that POCK-CORN"

It smells heavenly  :)

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