Thursday, May 10, 2012

Its a New Week

and its over half over. *mumbles*

Sickness has finally vacated the house. The kids are back in school... and so far the school hasnt called to have me come pick them up *fingers crossed we make it ALL day*

Today is the last day of preschool for Devil Child, she's moving up to Kindergarten. She told me this morning that she gets to eat in the cafeteria today, like the big kids do. She made it sound like this wonderful thing, such a huge accomplishment. I laughed. Im glad the little things excite them.

Today is filled with making copies of paperwork, finishing the pool so I can hook the pump up and get the water circulating, a trip to the post office, homework, working, a t-ball game (go Yankees!) and a second bathrobe order.

At some point I have 8 phone calls on my list of things to do. As you can see my motivation at the moment is to blog. I talk on the phone for work, Im not looking forward to automated systems and phone calls for other crap. However it must be done.

New liner and impatient kids!

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