Monday, May 7, 2012

Mount Laundry has erupted.

Okay so maybe its not "that" dramatic. But laundry day has started, and sheets and bedding are top on the list, after a bout with food poisoning and a certain almost 7 yr old  *gaah*
*note* this is not "my" mountain of laundry pictured, but its pretty darn close to the same!

Instead of the normal 3 loads, I anticipate 5-6. I am just hoping the nice weather holds out. Yesterday there was a 10% chance of rain, we mowed the jungle.

 Within 30 minutes of mowing, and popping the old liner in the pool to drain it, there came a torrential downpour. Our luck!

 The forecast says 50% chance or rain starting at noon--- going through 8am tomorrow. I probably shouldnt push line drying today, should I?

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