Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Already

I just cant seem to get ahead.

Today I was out of the house by 7am, dropped lil dude off at school then headed out to school myself. Another day of labs and other fun stuff. I had some time before I had to go pick up lil dude, so I ventured out to the gym.

I did a good 1 hr 12 mile spin on the bike, then decided on a whim to swim. I consulted my facebook friends first to see if they thought I should go swimming, and everyone seemed to think it was a great idea. I ventured into the locker room, changed into my suit, and set my clothing in a nice neat pile at the top of my gym bag, so that it would be easy to get changed back out, and out the door to get lil dude.

So I got in the pool and swam for 35 minutes.  I get back into the locker room to find the door to my locker not completely closed. My bag is bulging out and my clothing is askew in the bag. Some idiot has rifled through my bag! Yeah I bet you are thinking, dummy should have had a lock! But wait, there are signs located throughout the locker room, no locks allowed. If that isnt an open invitation to a thief then I dont know what is. But I left everything of value in the car. My purse, wallet, etc. My shampoo body wash conditioner, all present. I think its odd but obviously they must have been looking for money.

I go take my shower and come back, dry off... and as I attempt to get dressed I realize what they have taken.

MY PANTIES. Yeah you read that right, someone stole my panties. Who takes someone else's panties? My facebook friends have suggested that it might have been someone who left theirs at home on accident, or perhaps its a panty sniffer... but he or she will be disappointed, they took the CLEAN panties. the ones I wore during my workout are in the side pocket, with my dirty workout clothes.

The thought has perplexed me all night. Did they really need my panties? They were cute, but average, nothing special. Should I go to the store and take pictures of similar panties and post missing signs? Would anyone but me find humor in that? Who knows, but I do know I drove home sans panties and could feel the cold air through my jeans. WHOA NELLY that is cold air on the parts!

So think about it... would you borrow or steal someone's panties? Do you think they wore them? Heebie jeebies here. YUCK!

Oh and to all my facebook friends who encouraged me to swim, you owe me a pair of panties. I like pink.

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