Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow days... and more snow days

At this rate, we will probably have school through July. It started snowing last night around 10pm I guess. I really wasnt paying any attention. I watched the "Polar" report on WBKO news waiting to see what counties were going to call it another snow day for the kids. 4 counties called it last night. 2am, still 4 counties and ours wasnt one of them. What odd behavior for our school district, usually the weatherman says "snow" and they freak out. For many people snow isnt a big deal, they live in places that get lots of snow, they get snow every year. Here in the south, its hit and miss... though usually more miss than hit! This year has been a bit different. We have had more snow this year than I can remember in the last 8 years of living in this area. 

So anyhow, I went to sleep, 4am Im up because diggity dog is headed to work, and no matter how quiet he attempts to be, he is like a bull in  a china shop. There is nothing quiet about it. SoI turn on the laptop and check the polar report again. A few more counties added, making that every county around us with the exception of 1. I check the reports for the weather near the college... its as bad as our weather reports 4-6 inches expected... but school is not canceled yet.

By 530 am both the county school district and the college have made announcements. School is out for lil dude... and college classes are in session after 12. Back to bed! Ha, not hardly. I tried, I truly did, but I couldnt fall asleep. So I did some paperwork, some homework and I watched the shows I had DVR'd. Not much later I get a text from the college, no school at all today. Gee thanks for the texts last night! Then I get a call from diggity  dog. Appear no one else is coming in, the base is shut down. He turns around and comes home. 

So today was a Harry Potter Marathon day, we started with year 1 and watched them all they way to the Half Blood Prince. I love me some Harry Potter.

Though I must say I loved the books more so than the movies. I just finished reading HP and the Deathly Hallows, I think it is probably my favorite... though Im not fond of being left hanging at the end. We need a follow up... how are the little Potter kids? What about the Weasley little one's? So much left unspoken at the end.

Okay so we played outside as well, but the snow was crappy. Not the good kind that you can make good snowballs with. Or the kind you can make an awesome snowman out of. Just wet unpackable snow.

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