Sunday, January 9, 2011

Its Freezing Sunday Blues

Eh maybe not "blues" but I sure am sick of people acting like idiots any time the weather forecast calls for a chance of snow. Hello! We live in an area that has a tendency to get some snow. Usually no more than 3-4 inches at a time every... this is the south, ya know? Yet as the weatherman (who I believe owns a substantial amount of stock in Walmart and Piggly Wiggly) calls for 2-4 inches in the Nashville area, and 3-5 to the north... the entire population of the county decides that the food and supplies they have on hand is not nearly enough.

As the salt trucks spray brine on the roads, there is a traffic jam in the walmart parking lot. There is no milk to be seen, not many eggs and traffic jams in every isle. Men are doing things the walmart way, yelling at their wives about the difference between generic hamburger helper and name brand.

The bakery and deli are no better than the rest of the store, as I slide past them I wonder how long that $10 bucket of chicken is going to last that family of 10 in a real snow crisis? The sheet cake being picked up at the bakery should be good for a day or two, though that is subject to how many times the gaggle of kids that is whining around the lady picking the cake up sneak into it.

Funny thing though, the produce department is a ghost town. The bins are full of fresh beautiful fruits and veggies and not a soul in sight.  I wander through and grab the few things I came to the store for (none of which are SNOW SURVIVAL ITEMS) I have my own chickens, who lay me 4 eggs every day without fail. I bought milk last week on my regular trip to the market, and I would never buy meat at Walmart. I heard a rumor that they inject it with color to make it appear rosy and red, or full of blood whichever you prefer. Either way its shipped in frozen, sold as fresh, and there isn't a knowledgeable meat cutter/butcher in the building!

My real purpose for braving Walmart wasnt actually anything I had to have, but I had thought since I was in town doing a couple secret shops I would stop. What a mistake. The checkouts were no better. Where the self check 20 items or less lines were clocked with people who obviously were educated locally, and have no clue what 20 is unless they remove their shoes. Not a problem in the summer when everyone wears flip flops, but in snow warning weather it becomes a nightmare.

 On the subject of the checkout at Walmart.... why is it when they have 7389686589 people in the store there are 2 self check lines open, 1 20 items or less line and the tobacco purchases allowed line open?  But if you stop off at 2am on your way home from the bar, there are at least 3 check outs open with cashiers standing there with nothing to do.

The gas station wasnt any better, in case you cared to know. The price has been 2.92 for the past 2 weeks. Everyone who isn't in Walmart is outside lined up at the gas pumps. Ive often wondered what people think the purpose of the huge white ARROWS on the pavement is. Obviously its not telling them the direction in which they should pull into or out of the poorly designed station. 

The good news is, I made it home, and plan to hang out here for a week to avoid the idiots. Well except for my trips to the gym.

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