Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thats what happens when you dont feel good!

You sleep all day and miss posting to your blog ;) I got up yesterday and submitted 18 shops so that I get paid... and by the time I was done, I was freezing. Not just a bit chilled, literally shaking because I was so cold. I crawled under my down comforter around 9am, woke up again at 1140 when Sam came in from her doctor's appointment. I vaguely recall waking up and seeing her still sitting on my bed at some point in time. Then waking again at 240 when she told me I had to get up to go get lil man from school.

I was still freezing after going to the school and returning and laid back down. Why is it that the one time Sam offers to take me out to eat (and I dont have to be the one paying) I feel like crapola? I got up and went anywhere, followed by a trip to walmart, in which I blew up the bathroom with explosive... yeah we should skip that part shouldnt we?

After returning home, I fell asleep by 8pm, at 330 this morning I woke up, feeling a lot better. Im not freezing, my back doesnt ache as much as it did, but I have this hacking cough now. If it's not one thing, its always another!

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