Sunday, January 2, 2011

What a day!

This morning we got up, and decided to head to my friend's house to help out with some work they are doing converting a basement garage into a basement bedroom.

We got there around 1030am. The men went to the basement to work on running romex for the outlets while we sat upstairs chatting and being lazy ;)

A little back story to help you understand what transpired next... first the people-

Friend= Tiger

Friend's Husband= Mike

Friend's mom= crazy psycho! no picture required!

So on with the story.... psycho, is, well psychotic. Tiger has an order that keeps psycho from coming to her house, or well, it should!  Psycho has been to jail no less than 10 times for being aggressive, assaulting people, and other odd stuff.

She comes over and is yelling about something, though no one is quite sure what. Tiger locks the door, and she attempts to get in the house, when she cant get in she picks up a flower pot and hurls it at the brand new (installed yesterday) storm door, putting cracks and scratches in the glass.

She then attempts to throw a chair through the front window. All the while she is yelling about how she knows Im a whore (SAY WHAT? That was years ago! LOL) and how Im not married, and she wants me OUT of the house now.

No its not her house, nor does she have any say in who visits Tiger, as Tiger is well beyond the days of mommy telling her who she can be friends with. At 46 she should be able to pick and choose her own friends.

Now if I was not married, there is no way I would have put up with half the shit I have in the past 10 yrs. Seriously, no one goes through the crap I have for the hell of it. Its not fun thats for sure!

So then psycho picks up a brick and heads towards Tiger's truck. Tiger hollers DONT YOU DARE! So she heads towards my husband's truck! OH GOD NO! But yes, she did, she threw it right through the windshield!!!!!!!!!

By this time Tiger has the dispatch on the phone, and the law is on its way. They take a report and when they go to arrest her, she lifts her leg... and pees on the cops! NO JOKE I could not make this shit up! you could see the pee running down her leg and where she was trying to get the cop with it. 

They get her in their car, and proceed to tell us that she threatened to kill all of us. Who does this shit? Psychotic people evidently! So they haul her off to jail. We decide to go out and eat... Loveless Cafe in Nashville is sounding pretty darn good at this point, so we load up and head south.

While headed that way a jailer from county lockup calls Tiger. Seems psycho wants Tiger to go in and feed her dogs. Umm no, we are the victims here why in the world would any one of us want to venture into her dog crap infested house? Crazy!

But we made it to the Loveless and the food was worth the drive.


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  1. oh that looks like some good southern cooking.
    I can't get that where I live.
    Can't get bbq either.
    Found a place that makes great sweet potato fries though so that is something.